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Planning Meeting Details

  • Wednesdays - 11:00am PDT, 18:00 UTC
  • Mountain View Offices: Warp Core Conference Room
  • Toronto Offices: Finch Conference Room
  • #planning for backchannel
  • (the developer meeting takes place on Tuesdays)

Video/Teleconference Details - NEW

  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 95312 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312 (US)
  • Vidyo Room: Warp Core
  • Vidyo Guest URL
These notes are read by people who weren't able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.

Actions from Last Week

Schedule & Progress on Upcoming Releases


Firefox Desktop

Release (13, 10esr, 3.6)

  • FF13 released yesterday! Full unthrottling will wait till after Patch Tuesday next week.
  • We pulled the final lever for moving insecure 3.6 users up to mainline - note the strike-out in the title

Beta (14)

  • FF14b6 will be released tomorrow (6/7)

Aurora (15)

  • Aurora 15 updates will be enabled Friday

Nightly (16)

  • A big thanks to Marco Castelluccio for implementing a Web Apps Runtime and native install for Web apps for desktop Linux. With Marco's contribution, we will be able to support native web apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux for Kilimanjaro and beyond.
    • Bug 745018 - Implement webapp runtime for Linux
    • Bug 744193 - Install web app on host OS - Linux
  • PDF.js is making great progress
    • Bug 752676 - Control pdf.js and Other PDF Plugins using Application Preferences
    • Bug 742099 - Localize pdf.js strings and replace with the final strings for release
  • Bug 749628 - Implement a "Responsive Design" tool
  • Bug 758812 - Break up browser.js into smaller pieces, Phase 1
  • Bug 735099 - Re-enable incremental GC on desktop platforms

Firefox Mobile

Beta (14)

  • Prepping Beta 6, XF for tablets and FN for phones

Aurora (15)

  • Tablet UI
  • Reading List
  • Find in Page

Nightly (16)

  • Search Suggestions
  • Chromeless WebApps
  • Text Selection in Web Content


Firefox Sync

  • nothing major to report
  • Native Sync is fleshing out ui parity (on Nightly)

Apps In the Cloud Server

  • nothing major to report

Add-on SDK

Released 1.8b4!

No other updates this week due to Add-ons mini-workweek


  • Work is progressing, drop by #identity or ping Ben A. for a demo of a (working!) Firefox-native sign in email chooser
  • On track for 16


  • Firefox Desktop 14 (Beta) - landed
    • Functionality was backed out - bug 750936
    • Native Install
    • Chromeless launch of apps
  • Firefox Desktop 15 (Aurora)
    • Features: Support of native installation and and chromeless launch of apps for Win and Mac OS
  • Firefox Desktop 16 (Nightly)
    • Fit and polish for K9o requirements
  • Firefox Mobile 15 (Nightly) - in progress
    • Features: Native Install and chromeless window launch
    • Proposed marketplace bundling with Fennec is an open issue. See bug 738545
  • Apps in the Cloud
    • AITC client for desktop landed for FF15

Developer Tools/Experience

  • Firefox 15 (Aurora)
    • Debugger
      • includes remote debugging for Fennec
      • need to watch Aurora feedback closely
    • Responsive Mode
      • Mentioned last month, preffed on last week
      • Test responsive layouts without resizing your whole browser
    • Layout view
      • Added to Style Inspector
      • Shows at-a-glance metrics like height, width, padding for the selected element
    • Developer toolbar will be on the next train.
  • End-to-end Apps tutorial draft
    • there's a draft on MDN
    • this content will be presented directly on the Marketplace site
  • Prototype of Open Web Apps Bootstrap up

Feedback Summary


  • Firefox 13: Generally OK feedback so far, comments mainly around new features. Most of the negative comments could be addressed through user education.


We are seeing a 3% decrease in issues for 13 compared to the first two days of Firefox 12. Currently we are seeing reports of the following:

  • SPDY cannot connect to Gmail on XP SP3 issue [1] UPDATE: Ticket filed [2]
  • Avast claims FF 13 update is suspicious [3]
  • Possibly something with hotmail/messenger (Can't change status, can't log in, can't read messages -- lots of pt-BR messages)
  • Slower than previous versions [4]
  • Memory consumption [5]

New tab page (probably about 60% negative): [6]:

  • Want home page [7] [8] [9]
  • Want google [10]
  • Don't know how to disable [11]
  • Don't know how to manage links [12]
  • Think it is a privacy issue [13] - about 40-50% of negative feedback about this feature.

Tabs on demand:

  • Don't know how to disable [14]

Home page (about 80% negative):

  • Almost universally hated because some people (a number of people) seem to have lost their previous home pages. Also, can't set "blank" as a home page.
  • Reset the home page [15]
  • Unable to change homepage [16]
  • Don't like the new buttons [17]
  • Users can't change the search engine on this page.
  • Some users are ending up with Yahoo as a home page without their consent.


New Tab Page [18]:

  • Dear Firefox, I absolutely adore the history thumbnails that appear now whenever I open a new browser or a new tab. Thanks!!
  • I really love the new tab feature added with your latest update!
  • The new tab page makes it much easier to get to your favorite websites.

Homepage [19]:

  • Awesome mozilla firefox 13 with new features off home page.A lot of improvements.Good job by your team.
  • Buttons on the bottom of the homepage- handy

Smooth scrolling [20]:

  • Smooth scrolling !!! FINALLY !
  • Nice and smoth scroll option.. sss ..
  • Smooth scrolling looks very good and faster. thanks!


Firefox Beta for Android fixed the top three user issues with the product (start-up performance, browsing performance and flash support).

Overall for beta4/5 feedback is good; 4 stars.

Beta4/5 user issues:

  • Photon 4g continues to generate low reviews
  • A couple of instability reports and a couple of website incompatibility reports (techcrunch)

Beta 4/5 requests:

  • Text selection
  • Fewer permissions


  • Completing documentation of single sync client requirement for beta/aurora/nightly users before installing release
  • Updating supported devices documentation
  • Need to update language support documentation
  • Need to clarify tablet support and compatibility

UX & User Research

UX Design

  • UX summit last week, so we were quiet
  • [hometab/newtab] new mockups getting finished for some lightweight prototyping (Boriss)
  • [android] (ibarlow)
    • final bug work for Native UI release (so soon!)
    • tablet and next-version-of-phone implementation and design support going on in
    • Oh look! First traces of search suggest designs landing screenshot in flickr
  • [sync setup] 90% use case flow revisions (Zhenshuo)
  • [Identity] Ongoing design of Sign-into-site flows - variant 1, variant 2 (Zhenshuo)
  • [apps integration] Design of app recommendations ongoing (Boriss, with special guest Bryan)
  • [desktop]
    • Reviewing Australis designs against new Firefox heatmap data (Zhenshuo)
    • Detailed interaction design iterations happening on Australis customization UI; basic clickable mockup (Zhenshuo, Stephen)
    • Design in progress for layout of in-content preferences: mockup (Zhenshuo)
  • [metro] (Yuan)
    • User feedback on button styling for metro app bar -- user test materials
    • Another video sketch, this one about general web browsing use, in preparation
    • Exploring share functions, through app contract


UR ran some usability tests on the Firefox Beta. We found that basic tasks (search, bookmarking, tabs) were easy for participants to complete. There are some questions around the search accelerators in the Top Sites tab, and of course typing is still painful. UR will work with UX to figure out how to manage. Anyone who wants to see raw video footage of the tests can contact Mary Trombley.

Market Insights

Desktop / Platform


  • Apple was granted 22 patents covering everything from industrial design to a futuristic 3D Apple TV remote and even a way that Apple envisions of harnessing power through electromagnetic induction to help extend battery life on iOS devices.


  • The 6th Platform Preview for IE10 now includes the latest preview update for IE10. It includes an embedded Adobe Flash Player, which has been improved to support touch gestures. It is also integrated with the Process Lifetime Manager to better improve battery life in the Metro environment. Flash will also be bundled with the operating system and will receive improvements through Windows Update.
  • The new release preview also sends a Do Not Track header by default, the first web browser to do so.
  • IE10 now supports unprefixed versions of CSS transitions, transforms, animations, gradients, and CSS Fonts’ font-feature-settings property, as well as platform APIs such as the Indexed Database API (IndexedDB) and requestAnimationFrame().
  • IE10 will also no longer support IE4's visual filters and transitions for anything other than intranet sites
  • Interesting, Microsoft is going to great lengths to force adoption of the Metro-style interface, even to the point of removing all code from Windows 8 referencing the Start button/menu to prevent third-party developers from creating a workaround allowing people to continue using it
  • Microsoft's Bing Mobile team released On-Ex, an Android application that is a sort of "if this then that" for mobile phones. Powered by Javascript, it offers some interesting API calls -- modeOfTransport returns whether the user is walking, running or driving.
  • Analysts are estimating that new Windows RT tablets will be in the $500-$700 price range, which raises concerns for their viability




  • A Tizen developer ran the RingMark test on Tizen, Android, and iPhone smartphones. Tizen was the clear leader with 141 passed Ring 1 tests.



Summary below, full update here and in your inbox.

  • Opera announced it reached 189.6 million mobile users, a new version of Opera Mini for basic phones and a partnership with America Movil and one with Bharti Airtel
  • 65% of all Androids run Gingerbread, 19% Froyo and 7% Ice Cream Sandwich
  • The hardware section of the Play Store expansing with accessories
  • Researchers found security flaws in Google Bouncer
  • HTC and Sony partnered to augment their mobile offerings
  • First Android device on x86 architecture available in Europe
  • Samsung Galaxy S III landing in market, Galaxy Note 2 rumoured to launch in October
  • Asus, Acer and Toshiba to be among Windows 8 tablet manufacturers
  • Video of Tizen on Samsung reference device available
  • By 2015 smartphones will account for 75% of new phones sold

Marketing, Press & Public Reaction


  • Finalizing materials for releases later this week; getting started on the next round of releases.
  • LMesa and GJimenez finishing handoff to LForrest; LForrest to take lead in earnest next week.


Questions, Comments, FYI

  • If you see :gps, give him a giant hug, or a beer.

Actions this week