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This page tracks ongoing work to update the printing user experience in Firefox Desktop.

Managing Bug Lists

  • Add [print2020_v{XX}] to add a bug to the list of printing bugs targeted at a specific Firefox version (e.g. [print2020_v80] for version 80)


Current and Upcoming Work By Release

Firefox 84 (Nightly)

Start: 2020-10-19; freeze: 2020-11-12; merge to beta: 2020-11-16; release: 2020-12-15

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Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Status Resolution Priority Severity
1669225 The printer select dropdown shouldn't be disabled when we have invalid values Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED P1 --
1670222 The "Print using system dialog..." link should not wait for the print preview to be ready Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED P1 --
1669708 The “Cancel” button is also locked while the print preview is still rendering Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED P2 S4
1674135 Printing via the “Print using the system dialog” option is not working for about pages Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED P2 S3
1666734 Add "Print on both sides" checkbox option to new print UI (duplex printing) Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] VERIFIED FIXED P2 --
1662331 Use sheetCount rather than calculated the number of rendered pages Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED P2 N/A
1675455 Print preview - TAB navigation on More Settings section throws Uncaught TypeError: can't access property "includes", is undefined RESOLVED DUPLICATE -- --
1666945 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_window_print.js | Uncaught exception - undefined - timed out after 50 tries. | Found an unexpected tab at the end of test run: https://*/file_window_print.html - RESOLVED INCOMPLETE P5 normal

8 Total; 0 Open (0%); 3 Resolved (37.5%); 5 Verified (62.5%);


Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Status Resolution Priority Severity
1673248 PDF prints boxes where there is a space on macOS with Canon printer NEW P1 S2
1676191 [CUPS] Page is printed with colors even if "Black and white" mode is selected from print preview NEW P1 S3
1676188 Cross origin iframe’s content is not displayed while using window.print() with fission enabled Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) ASSIGNED P2 S3
1666937 Lazily add mDNS/Bonjour/Avahi printers to the print UI on CUPS platforms NEW P2 N/A
1670887 Print selection (context menu) images on some of the top sites are broken in print preview NEW P2 S3
1668813 On Ubuntu, the Color Mode dropdown is not locked to Black&White for B&W printers NEW P3 S3
1663652 Explore combining the various printer capability methods on nsIPrinter into one method. Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] RESOLVED FIXED P1 N/A
1669854 Add an nsIPrintSettings API that frontend code (print.js) can use to provide a set of non-contiguous print ranges Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) RESOLVED FIXED P1 N/A
1672864 Printing selected text can cause "Print preview failed" error and crashes Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED P1 --
1675376 Tab is unresponsive if dialog is closed while initial preview is rendering Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED P1 S2
1676518 Add monochrome print support for Canon iX6800 series printers Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] RESOLVED FIXED P1 S3
1640197 Investigate implementation of fallback "slicing" fragmentation using display list Miko Mynttinen [:miko] RESOLVED FIXED P1 N/A
1675031 Crash in [@ libsystem_kernel.dylib@0x1f016] RESOLVED FIXED P1 S2
1631452 Support a 'pages per sheet' option in print preview Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] RESOLVED FIXED P2 --
1671707 Calls to nsIPrinter.createDefaultSettings() are incorrect in the frontend code Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] RESOLVED FIXED P3 S3
1679156 “Current page” radio button is enabled on the system dialog for every webpage Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) VERIFIED FIXED -- --
1671822 New Print Preview dialog hangs occasionally RESOLVED INVALID P3 S2
1673266 Unable to save to PDF using new print UI RESOLVED WORKSFORME P2 S2
1666935 Firefox fails to save most-recently-used printer (always chooses Microsoft Print to PDF as default) RESOLVED WORKSFORME -- S3

19 Total; 6 Open (31.58%); 10 Resolved (52.63%); 3 Verified (15.79%);

Firefox 85 (Next)

Start: 2020-10-19; freeze: 2020-12-10; merge to beta: 2020-12-14; release: 2021-01-26

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Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Status Resolution Priority Severity
499640 Allow users to print non-contiguous page ranges (using commas and dashes) Emma Malysz ASSIGNED P1 normal
1670122 Implement a "Print selection only" checkbox in the new print preview UI Emma Malysz ASSIGNED P1 normal
1680156 Enable pages per sheet by default NEW P1 N/A
1654684 Implement a paginator for the print preview Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) ASSIGNED P1 N/A
1666247 Add the Simplify Page checkbox to the new print UI Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] ASSIGNED P2 S2
1669725 Margins settings have no effect in pdfs Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] NEW P2 S4
1658285 Print preview gets closed if the tab is moved to a new window NEW P2 S4
1658749 Middle Click scroll is not working correctly in new Print Preview when using multiple screens NEW P2 S3
1660111 [meta] Add automated tests for new print dialog NEW P2 N/A
1660638 Please provide feature of Zoom-In/Out and tool button for print image in new print preview dialog NEW P2 S2
1661663 Popular sites prevent the print preview Margins menu from working (users need a way to override @page margins) NEW P2 S2
1662786 No longer have the ability to cancel or monitor print progress (Implement some sort of print queue user interface) NEW P2 S3
1663005 If "save to pdf" is selected printer, try to copy over as many current settings as possible to the system dialog. NEW P2 S4
1663385 About:addons page is displayed as a blank one when printing NEW P2 S2
1668855 ctrl + +/- zooms the underlying page, not print preview NEW P2 S3
1668894 On mac, system modal has the “All” radio button selected even if a custom page range was set for "Save to pdf" option NEW P2 --
1669904 Stop using PrintUtils.getPrintSettings in the new printing UI NEW P2 S3
1670027 Print selection is disabled inside the system modal if the print preview destination was set to “Save to PDF” NEW P2 S3
1670037 Get rid of the DeferredTask code in print.js NEW P2 --
1670110 Consider moving the "Paper size" field outside the collapsed-by-default "More settings" section NEW P2 --
1670135 Add user interface to allow users to collate their printouts when printing multiple copies NEW P2 --
1671702 Add "Flip on side edge"/"Flip on top edge" options to new print UI (duplex printing) NEW P2 --
1674772 Please indicate unit of Margin. NEW P2 S4
1676199 Print preview for pdfs refreshes when toggling options that should not have a direct effect inside the preview NEW P2 S4
1676388 Changing a destination that was just used to the actual printer triggers a delay in Print/Save button update NEW P2 S3
1678293 File picker is displayed while the print preview is still in a loading state for the “Save to PDF” destination NEW P2 S3
1678319 Print preview displays the webpage in Portrait mode for several Destinations while the Landscape option is active and opens the old System dialog on print/save NEW P2 S3
1679133 The print preview remains open after closing the printing progress prompt during the “Preparing” state and the print progress prompt is no longer displayed for that browser session NEW P2 S3
1664415 Unexpected title for error-message dialog on a Print operation Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame) ASSIGNED P3 S3
1668849 Tabbing through the page range or margin select box leaves a console error Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] ASSIGNED P3 S4
1658414 Print sheet does not have a way to add a printer NEW P3 S4
1658446 print preview: 'Scale' value should be shown/labeled as percentage ['%'] NEW P3 S4
1659782 Move the print preview browser into print.html NEW P3 N/A
1660468 [RTL] When a scrollbar is present in new Print UI options sidebar, changing an option from a dropdown will cause the next clicked dropdowns to appear misaligned with their `select` NEW P3 S4
1660520 Setting margins to 0.1 actually sets them to 0.100000001490116 (at least on Windows) NEW P3 S3
1660929 Prepopulate the system print dialog with all settings selected in the tab modal print preview doorhanger NEW P3 S3
1661719 Changes made inside the new Print modal are kept for the old UI as well NEW P3 S3
1662239 Multiple redundant paper size entries returned in the paperList NEW P3 S4
1663019 Print headers and footers & Print Backgrounds options are available for pdf documents NEW P3 S4
1663366 [Mac] Tab-modal print UI uses old dropdown menu appearance NEW P3 S4
1663436 No longer able to change header/footer strings, even via "Print using system dialog..." escape hatch NEW P3 S3
1663801 Only call saveSettingsToPrefs in the frontend code when the user actually prints NEW P3 S3
1667950 Create keyboard shortcuts to directly open the system print dialog NEW P3 --
1668043 It should not be possible to interact with the tab content (e.g. using find-in-page) while tab-modal Print UI is open NEW P3 S4
1668072 opening print dialog opens it behind already open HTTP auth prompt, should be on top NEW P3 S4
1668453 Scroll print preview on PgUp/PgDown/Home/End when they would otherwise do nothing NEW P3 S4
1668794 [Linux] Paper size naming shows an additional “Borderless” after every option NEW P3 S4
1669699 Space height inconsistency after error messages inside the new Print modal NEW P3 S4
1669732 Add counter limit & error message for page copies NEW P3 S3
1670871 Limit the number suggested inside the margins warning message to two decimals NEW P3 S4
1670912 [macOS] Increase/Decrease buttons are different in Print Preview NEW P3 S4
1673908 Overextended Paper size dropdown at fullscreen exit for Foxit option (version <10 ) NEW P3 S4
1675462 Print preview - Swapping from Scale to Fit To page and repeating with invalid scale should reset to previous valid value instead of 100 NEW P3 S4
1675474 Two OS print modals can be triggered at the same time NEW P3 S3
1678358 Several print preview options can be “force enabled” (while they should be disabled) through the Margins section NEW P3 S4
1678586 The Selection radio button from the system dialog panel is disabled if the system dialog was opened before the print preview finished loading NEW P3 S3
1679389 Max scale values are different between new and system modal NEW P3 S4
1669467 Print preview - tapping left-right should select between Portrait-Landscape options instead of scrolling between the options NEW P4 S4
1677327 Add 'Save PDF' option in modal print dialog on macOS NEW P4 S3
1678982 Clicking in the middle of the Scale arrows increases the scale while having a caret displayed NEW P4 S4
1665419 Intermittent toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_sheet_count.js | Test timed out - NEW P5 normal
1678983 Print Preview - disable scale carets when values reach max or min values accordingly NEW P5 S4
1679535 Most of the new Print modal options are inaccessible on destination change if previously a print action was made using Foxit reader with the old modal NEW P5 S4
1674106 Print modal turns inaccessible when toggling between paper size using static custom values Emma Malysz RESOLVED FIXED P1 S2
1673713 Implement a pages per sheet selection Mark Striemer [:mstriemer] RESOLVED FIXED P2 S4
1675636 Change cancel button text to close after print starts Sam Foster [:sfoster] (he/him) RESOLVED FIXED P2 S3
1675483 Print preview - number for sheets of paper flickers on page changes Emma Malysz RESOLVED FIXED P3 S4
1673634 Custom margins don't account for page orientation Emma Malysz VERIFIED FIXED -- --
1679143 Print selection is active but displays a blank page for wikipedia banner element RESOLVED INVALID -- --
1679154 Print button inside Google Docs doesn’t open the print modal RESOLVED DUPLICATE -- --
1679386 Print Preview locks out if going through some "Paper size" options while custom margins are set RESOLVED DUPLICATE -- --
1678368 Sheets of paper are not updated on scale/ paper size change (only for bigger values) when custom option is on display RESOLVED WORKSFORME -- --
1664087 Intermittent TV tier 2 toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_preview_in_container.js | leaked 2 window(s) until shutdown [url = about:blank] RESOLVED INCOMPLETE P5 normal
1668487 Intermittent TV toolkit/components/printing/tests/browser_empty_paper_sizes.js | leaked 6 window(s) until shutdown [url = about:blank] RESOLVED INCOMPLETE P5 normal

74 Total; 63 Open (85.14%); 10 Resolved (13.51%); 1 Verified (1.35%);


Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Status Resolution Priority Severity
1669149 Possible changes to PrintPreview API/process flow to validate prefs against printer and improve performance Bob Owen (:bobowen) ASSIGNED P1 N/A
1670068 More graceful handling of unwriteable areas (at margins & between pages) in pages-per-sheet mode Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] ASSIGNED P1 --
1662471 Pref `print.always_print_silent` sometimes silently does nothing Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) ASSIGNED P1 S2
1668037 Stop reading/writing to prefs the PMPageFormat on a global basis (the print.macosx.pagesetup-2 pref) NEW P1 S2
1669365 BUG REPORT 81.0.1 (64 BIT) Firefox does not permit printing to any installed PDF app. Will not work with NuancePDF or native PDF in Windows. UNCONFIRMED P1 S2
1672374 Printing to Bixolon SRP-350/SRP-310 receipt printers fail in Firefox 82 UNCONFIRMED P1 S2
1672389 Can't print to receipt printer citizen ct-3310II since v82 UNCONFIRMED P1 S2
1673147 Print Problem on EPSON LX-310 After Update 82.0 NEW P1 S2
1676839 [macOS 11] PNG transparency example will not print successfully NEW P1 S3
1647843 Servo changes to support @page rule size attribute Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] NEW P2 N/A
1658076 Add collation support to nsIPrintSettings Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] ASSIGNED P2 N/A
1660905 Add nsIPrinter::CheckConnection to determine if a printer can be reached Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] ASSIGNED P2 --
1658394 Add per-paper-size duplex information for CUPS printers Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] ASSIGNED P2 S3
1661294 Retrieve Native Resolution (DPI/PPI) Information For nsIPrinter Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] ASSIGNED P2 N/A
1673099 Update Platform Print Settings To Handle Duplex Printing Options (None/FlipOnSideEdge/FlipOnTopEdge) Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] ASSIGNED P2 N/A
1558588 Remove the code that opens the print progress dialog from the core printing code Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] ASSIGNED P2 normal
1657854 Only allow nsPrinterList objects to be created in the main process on all platforms. Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] ASSIGNED P2 --
1668210 Prevent print settings being saved to unprefixed prefs on non-Android Jonathan Watt [:jwatt] NEW P2 --
1657489 Zooming print preview in new print UI flickers, clamps at 100% NEW P2 S3
1660602 Profile janky rendering of print preview documents NEW P2 S2
1661691 ctrl+wheel zoom on print preview is unreliable NEW P2 S3
1662135 New print preview UI very janky scrolling documents with multiple pages NEW P2 S2
1662367 print preview shouldn't reuse previously used page format for PDFs, initially always portrait used, even for landscape PDFs NEW P2 S3
1662534 Headers/footers don't appear when saving to PDF with margins set to None NEW P2 S3
1663672 Print preview is blurry with a certain configuration NEW P2 S3
1663702 Make nsFrameLoader::Print support cancellation and progress reporting NEW P2 N/A
1663710 Too many users have long wait times for printer information to be fetched NEW P2 S2
1663753 Add telemetry to measure the time platform printing code takes to create/update/scroll print/preview documents NEW P2 N/A
1664860 The footer is cut off in Landscape mode when on paper on Windows 7 (with specific printers) NEW P2 S3
1667260 Document exactly what settings the nsIPrintSettings returned by nsIPrinter.createDefaultSettings has set NEW P2 S3
1667630 81.0 hangs for 1 minute when printing PDF UNCONFIRMED P2 S2
1668125 Wrong default paper size for Brother MFC-L8690CDW series printer on macOS NEW P2 S3
1668322 Prevent window.print() stunlocking tech support scam NEW P2 S2
1668474 Make `NSPR_LOG_MODULES=printing:5` useful NEW P2 N/A
1668962 Consider filtering out/deprioritizing CUPS_PRINTER_REJECTING printers NEW P2 N/A
1669191 Crash in [@ OOM | unknown | NS_ABORT_OOM | PLDHashTable::Add | gfxFontGroup::BuildFontList] NEW P2 S2
1669198 Auto select of printer paper source, always defaults to tray 1 NEW P2 S3
1669385 Replace nsIPrintSettings.paperWidth/paperHeight/paperSizeUnit with a single setter NEW P2 --
1670287 Elements not supported by Cairo appear in Print Preview despite not appearing in Print output NEW P2 S3
1670645 Printing the source page is extremely slow NEW P2 S2
1674155 [macOS] Print preview displays wrong paper size if several steps are performed NEW P2 S3
1676409 Crash in [@ mozilla::MozPromise<T>::ThenValueBase::AssertIsDead] NEW P2 S3
1660885 Make nsIPrinterList::GetNamedOrDefaultPrinter always return a printer, if any are available Emily McDonough [:alaskanemily] ASSIGNED P3 N/A
1667495 Investigate Storing Connection in CUPSPrinterInfo Erik Nordin [:nordzilla] ASSIGNED P3 N/A
659715 Consider preserving scroll position of iframes & other scrolled regions when printing NEW P3 S3
1639844 Provide access to the native printer resolution through nsIPaper NEW P3 N/A
1654497 "Cannot print this document yet..." dialog no longer appears, when printing mid load. NEW P3 S4
1661688 Crash in [@ objc_msgSend | +[NSString stringWithString:]] NEW P3 S2
1662626 Investigate whether the platform printing code is compatible with scaling > 100% NEW P3 --
1662934 Investigate if there is a better way to fix double-scaled printing on macOS NEW P3 N/A
1663629 Crash in [@ g_sequence_iter_get_sequence] NEW P3 S3
1664782 Return the paper list directly from nsPrinterListBase::GetFallbackPaperList without using a Promise NEW P3 N/A
1668769 User can interact with some links in print preview NEW P3 S4
1669329 [mac] Scaling value is not reflected in native print dialog NEW P3 S3
1669469 No draggable action should be allowed in print preview NEW P3 S4
1670065 Firefox chooses unwritable margins of zero for my printer, on Linux (vs. margins of 10-12 on Windows) NEW P3 S3
1670638 [Reader View] Borders are not displayed in print preview NEW P3 S3
1674365 Improve print preview for printers with very long potential pages, for example receipt printers. NEW P3 N/A
1675609 Investigate intermittent leak until shutdown when running verify on front-end printing tests NEW P3 S3
1679520 Portrait mode will load only 1 or 2 pages in Print Preview, while landscape mode loads all the pages NEW P3 S3
1679392 GIF file fails to render sometimes while changing orientation or scale settings NEW P4 S4
1663129 Crash in [@ mozalloc_abort | moz_xmalloc | NS_NewDOMEvent] NEW -- S3
1668400 Optimization: avoid needless reflow for page-range changes NEW -- S3
1669647 The background of a certain iframe is not steady in Print preview NEW -- S4
1669762 Rename some attributes in nsIWebBrowserPrint.idl with s/page/sheet/ NEW -- S3
1669815 Remove now-useless "aInRange" outparam from nsPrintJob::PrintPage (and simplify nsPagePrintTimer::StartTimer() which consumes it?) NEW -- S3
1674081 Microsoft XPS Document Writer and OneNote return a colored saved content on Black and white selection NEW -- --
1674390 printing action changed and dont work well like last. UNCONFIRMED -- --
1676422 Excite's page background is offset in Print Preview NEW -- S3
1676828 [macOS 11] Default printer settings are different than of the other os's NEW -- --
1676870 Printing does not respect current scroll position of scrollable elements [was: Content displayed in print preview is not accurate for some pages] NEW -- S3
1678661 Minimum margins in Print preview will automatically switch to Custom if selected NEW -- S3
1679020 Portrait mode shows unintended behavior (missing image/ unexpected elements present) NEW -- --
1679123 [mac] Print preview - focus ring shown in preview on part of page NEW -- S4
1679153 Buttons from about:sessionrestore disappear when deselecting Print Backgrounds in Print Preview NEW -- S3
1679397 Print preview repainting at small scales looks fuzzy NEW -- S3
1679405 [Windows] System dialog opens after trying to save the file with “Save to PDF” NEW -- S3
1679506 [macOS10.12] Print preview and saving files to pdf is very slowly NEW -- --
1679514 The background image has a really low quality when the "Save to PDF" option is used NEW -- S3
1679515 Low Ink/toner levels notification should be displayed on the new modal as well NEW -- --
1680153 Scrolling is janky with the pages per sheet option NEW -- S3
1665214 When "slicing" printing-improvement preserves overflow from a clipped line-box or grid row, shift down the line or grid row on the next page to leave space for the expected overflow Mats Palmgren (:mats) RESOLVED FIXED P1 S3
1679398 Old modal lets the user select the page range over the actual number of pages to print RESOLVED WONTFIX -- --
1676421 Excite's page background page is offset in Print Preview RESOLVED DUPLICATE -- --
1677099 Only the first page text is displayed in Print preview on site RESOLVED DUPLICATE -- --

85 Total; 81 Open (95.29%); 4 Resolved (4.71%); 0 Verified (0%);

Archived Work by Release

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