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Instead of just opening a web page after an update Firefox should be able to perform an action based upon the update's metadata. For example, after an update the user can be presented with a notification asking them to join the Firefox Facebook group along with the ability to navigate to the Firefox Facebook group.


  • Provide the ability to perform actions after app update based on an attribute in the update xml.
  • Have app specific free form attributes in the update xml saved locally to be used by the Firefox frontend. The current uses for these attributes are custom actions and localized strings for the UI.
  • Add mochitest chrome tests for testing the app update side. This has the additional benefit of testing the majority of the app update UI.

Non Goals

  • Creation of the process for acquiring / applying localized strings to the update xml.


  • Client side LANDED (on trunk) - AUS side TBD
  • project lead: rs
  • project members: nthomas (aus)
  • app update implementation rev 1 landed - bug 530872
  • app update implementation rev 2 landed (new feature request 3/1/10) - bug 549969
  • frontend landed - bug 538331
  • AUS work hasn't started - bug 459972
  • tracking bugs:
    • bug 530872 - app.update.url params / update.xml cleanup and addition of a custom string property for apps
    • bug 549969 - Add ability to save xml attributes from update xml that app update doesn't care about
    • bug 538331 - On update perform action based upon the update metadata
    • bug 459972 - Add new attributes to the update snippets (releng)

Timeline / Milestones

  • 2010/03 - app update first revision - client backend - completed.
  • 2010/03 - app update second revision - free form update xml attributes implemented in the client backend - completed.
  • 2010/04 - Firefox frontend - completed.
  • 2010/04 - AUS - TBD.

Delivery Requirements

  • Backport to 1.9.2 and 1.9.1


  • AUS implementation
  • No perf impact


  •  ?


  • App update has mochitest chrome tests and xpcshell tests for the app update changes.
  • Firefox will have mochitest chrome tests for the frontend changes.
  • A security review is likely required for this feature.

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