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Design and implement a way for addons to integrate into Firefox UI in a way that plays nice with themes, allows maximum customizability, and eases implementation for addon developers.


IN FLIGHT Spec complete, implementation in progress


  • Design: Boriss
  • Lead: Dietrich



  • Remove the status bar
  • Implement the Add-on bar
  • Allow add-on placement customization through the toolbar infrastructure



  • Add-on bar is a XUL toolbar, hidden by default (bug 574688)
  • Presence of add-ons makes the bar visible (currently done by addons)
  • Status bar is initially integrated in a backwards-compatible way into the Add-on bar, possibly removed (bug 574688)
  • Mode and size customizable independent of the navigation bar (NEEDS BUG)


  • Widgets are XUL toolbar buttons, installed to Add-on bar by default (bug 568932, bug 596202)
  • Widgets have a "placement" property, which is the id of their default toolbar, which defaults to Add-on bar (bug 586029)
  • Widget API bits to support the mode and size settings of toolbar buttons (NEEDS BUG)

Statusbar Feature Relocation

Open Issues

  • How to support statusbar and Add-on bar in a single add-on
  • Order of add-ons in bar should be persistent (bug 579505)