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The goal for this project is to improve the download experience in Firefox, as well as have better defaults and a more streamlined approach to file handling.

  • Champion: limi
  • Project Lead: TBD
  • Project Members: TBD
  • QA: TBD



  • Replace the download manager window with a panel, and have a better download progress indicator
  • Move download history to main history window
  • Improve MIME type default behaviors, download instead of asking when safe, move “advanced” options to “Save As”
  • Make common file types/protocols in the Applications pref pane more accessible
  • Unify security questions on executables where we can (ie. move to OS-level where supported)

Secondary goals:

  • Inline display of content we know how to handle (ie. text/*, image/*)
  • Cursor indicator for links that result in protocols/files


Timeline / Milestones




  • Ensure that security concerns are still addressed with the new behaviors

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