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Currently, finding text on a page in Firefox can be challenging. The text is highlighted as the user types matching input, but this slow color change can be difficult to detect - especially when the highlight is similar to the background color. A subtle animation as the user types input could direct the user's attention to the word they are trying to find.

Current Status

Currently beginning phase 1:

  • Have initial meeting with developers to outline what skills and time are needed to implement them
    • (talk to Vlad first half of week 1)
  • Find developers with free cycles and interest in the sprints (zpao?)
  • Blog about the beginning of implementation
  • Tightening up wireframes in preparation for implementation

Next Steps / Designs

Phase 2 (~2 weeks)

  • Detailed implementation plan begun based on meetings during phase 1
  • Bugs created to track progress & are assigned
  • Informal user testing to optimize for speed, transitions, magnitized locking distance, etc
  • Wireframes finalized into mockups

Phase 3 (~.5 weeks)

  • Patches written
  • Final tweaks & testing, reviews & landing

Related Bugs

This sprint will likely start out as being only based on design work.

Goals/Use Cases

  • Quickly locate instances of a word or phrase on a page, case sensitive or not
  • Navigate a page using headings/text matches