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This project covers the design and creation of a Firefox Home Tab, a small persistent tab placed at the far left of the tab strip that will serve as the user's home on the Web.

  • Project lead: Unfocused
  • Project members: limi, faaborg
  • Potential reviewers:
  • QA contacts: marcia


  • General tracking in bug 551849
  • Still finishing up App Tabs project


  • Replace home button with an App Tab that always loads on startup
  • Continue to support user-customization of home page URL
  • Continue to support multiple home pages
  • Continue to allow customization of tools by allowing removal of the Home Tab


  • Synchronize state of home tabs across windows


Delivery Requirements

  • Must be complete before the feature freeze beta of the target delivery vehicle



  • Most of the home/app tab features should be able to be automatically tested by browser-chrome tests
  • Migration path will likely need manual/mozmill testing unless we invent a new test suite.

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