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Firefox/Projects/Incontent Page Design

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This project aims to improve Firefox's various panels and windows by creating a design guideline which will guide the style and interaction of each. The end result will be better consistency within Firefox and a better experience for users. The "panels and windows" covered by this styleguide include:

  • Add-ons manager (first priority)
  • Preferences
  • Library (History and Bookmarks View)
  • Downloads Manager
  • Toolbar Customization

Possibly the following are included:

  • Tab View
  • Network Error Pages
  • Help


  • Create a design guideline for windows and panels to follow
  • Create visual and interactive consistency across Firefox's services and features

Non Goals

  • Dictate the design of all windows and panels
  • Redesign all windows and panels


    • project lead: boriss
    • project members:
    • started implementation, working on two fronts
    • tracking bugs: bug 584942
    • Mockups: [1]

Timeline / Milestones

  • TBD


  • TBD


  • TBD


  • Design is dependent on visual design of Strata work for all platforms


  • TBD

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