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Implement the W3C Indexed Database API in Mozilla. The code is being committed to a mozilla-central.

Project Leaders: sdwilsh and bent Bugs:

Other useful pages:


  • IN FLIGHT. Work is underway (only on the async API at this time).

Remaining work for Firefox 4

  • Fix transactions to only work until you return to the event loop.
  • Deal with spec changes around setVersion.
  • Deal with spec changes around non-copying cursors.
  • Maybe (?) do sicking's high performance cursors.
  • Implement clear on object stores.
  • Implement error propagation, making several other objects event targets along the way.
  • Event target security. bug 579882
  • Implement arrays as keys.
  • Implement dates as keys.
  • Rename Modify to Put. bug 589334
  • Find a way to remove databases (need spec agreement).
  • Figure out database size limits.
  • Figure out database persistence.
  • Figure out UI for size limits, persistence (email thread ongoing).
  • Bring keyRange creation up to current spec.
  • Remove IDBRequest.abort.
  • Implement Update on index object cursors.