Firefox/Projects/Personas Uplift Exploration/Weekly Meetings 11.17.09

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Goal of Meeting

Support lightweight themes integration in Fx with plan and release of infrastructure required for a holistic product experience

Check-Ins and Open Items

Fx / Product Experience / Security (Johnath)

First-Run experience (Tara/John)

  • First Run/What's New pages are complete and in l10n
    • "What is a Persona?" link added as the final piece (links to Getting Started page - en-US only)
  • First Run: bug 521531
  • What's New: bug 521532 Redesign (Ryan/Suneel/Nick)

  • Aggressive deadline of 11/20 for all P1's and any l10n dependent bugs
  • Met with l10n team

Extension Development (Suneel)

AMO (Nick/Justin)

  • decision to link to from in-product feature, with redirect
  • open question is whether to promote AMO from; Nick and Suneel to sync up and close out the issue

IT (mrz)

  • Personas pushing 2x bandwidth since last week.
    • 2x users?
    • Firefox beta could be the cause? -Ryan

L10N (Seth)

Legal / Approval Scale (Julie)

Branding / PR (Tara/Jane/John)

  • working with Addis (agency from the Five Years video) on doing a video to showcase Personas...will be a central part of 3.6 marketing efforts
  • filed bug 528409 to suggest minor changes to the homepage (for consistency)...can we make this happen?

QA (Tony/Stephen/Tomcat)

  • Tomcat
    • Shipped 1.4 last week *woot*
    • waiting to test 1.5 :)
    • Question re: 1.4 compatibility for 3.6 its marked compatible for 3.6 but the bugs from bug 521913 are still open ?
  • Stephen/Vishal
    • Working through 2.0 list -- 4 bugs for QA
  • Tony
    • No new testing since last week. Been busy with 3.6 beta3
    • Blocking Bugs in particular that i'm watching:
    • Tracking bug lists:
      • Personas Extension Compatibility bugs
      • Personas Lightweight theme bugs

Additional Items?