Firefox/Projects/Personas Uplift Exploration/Weekly Meetings 12.02.09

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Goal of Meeting

Support lightweight themes integration in Fx with plan and release of infrastructure required for a holistic product experience

Check-Ins and Open Items

Fx / Product Experience / Security (Johnath)

First-Run experience (Tara/John) Redesign (Ryan/Suneel/Nick)

  • P1 bug list:
  • Next steps in roadmap:
    • code freeze and hand off to QA on 12/3
    • QA testing from 12/3-12/9
    • release on 12/10

Extension Development (Suneel)

  • 1.5RC1 released on 11/25. If feedback continues to be positive, release EOW.

AMO (Nick/Justin)

IT (mrz)

L10N (Seth)

Metrics (Ken/Pedro)

  • Since not all options for choosing personas contact, the only information we can have on the update ping is the id of the persona. A url like:<id>
  • Who will develop this on the site?
  • When will it be ready? Any target date?
  • Will this be in the same logs or redirected to a different machine?
  • Will it be possible for the personas extension to be installed on a ff3.6? It's important that we don't account the same user twice

Legal / Approval Scale (Julie)

  • Getpersonas content is finalized
  • has DMCA lanaguage
  • All lanaguge has gone through the governance process
  • Privacy policy needs to be updated
  • Mozilla Japan response
  • Discussion at all-hands meeting
  • Crowdflower

Branding / PR (Tara/Jane/John)

  • First cut of the video arrived yesterday. Looking good! We have a few rounds of edits before we finalize and meet our hand-off deadline of Friday the 4th, by EOD.
  • Implementation starting on Monday (if not Friday). Open bug:
  • Sent a suggested list of areas where the video can be highlighted for launch - pending review & approval.
  • Open bug discussing l10n:
  • Seth B to follow up with Morgamic regarding localizability of video

QA (Tony/Stephen/Tomcat)

  • (Tomcat) signed off Personas 1.5 Extension - will also be available for helping Stephend with the Website next week.
  • (tchung) working on 3.6 compat bugs with the 1.5 extension and namaroka. Verified half of them so far.
  • Vishal and I have been working on the Resolved FIXED 2.0 bugs; we're in great shape

Additional Items?