Firefox/Projects/Personas Uplift Exploration/Weekly Meetings Notes 10.01.09

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Attendees: "Johnathan Nightingale" <>; "matthew zeier" <>; "Ryan Doherty" <>; "morgamic" <>; "Nick Nguyen" <>; "Chris Beard" <>; "Tara Shahian" <>; "Melissa Shapiro" <>; "Stephen Donner" <>; "Wil Clouser" <>; "Justin Scott" <>

Need to figure out who is running what?

  • Jonath: product experience
  • Jane, Tara: marketing
  • Nick, Fligtar: integration experience
  • Security? Jonath for now
  • Melissa: PR
  • Seth: email about L10N


  • Need a schedule on wiki page:
  • Code freeze end of next week
  • Mid October for beta

Integration (Jonath)

  • If you’re running a nightly, personas is there
  • Couple of bugs (Better undo experience; probably a notification bar)
  • Back to default vs. last persona (back to default is better) -- see bug 518468
  • Anything to add to mogamic's optimization list?
    • One additional: Can we do anything to improve hover experience? Pre-loading images in Firefox cache so local fech
    • Jonath to ask Dao to assign bugs on anything not assigned


  • Name of in-product feature?; Jane to set up discussion and send conclusion

Add On

  • Maintain two galleries? Set up meeting with AMO
  • Crowdflower solution to scale approval capacity

Web Dev

  • Ryan to cycle on cleaning up

Web Dev Ideas for Optimization

Jonath and team to sync up their bug list with these suggestions:

  • fix server-side components to properly use HTTP headers
  • honor HTTP headers properly in the client
    • do not explicitly send no-cache headers for all pages
    • set healthy cache expiry css, jpg, js
    • set healthy cache expiry for persona data
  • modify failure or timeout handling in client
    • no network connection - in offline mode it shouldn't even try
    • low timeout - try header first and if no response, keep current persona
    • check cache timeout and if not expired, don't check for new
    • check content-length and if nothing is different, don't download new
  • discuss capacity planning assuming the above are addressed
    • if N users updated N times per day, how many requests does that create
    • what hardware would we need to purchase
    • better database server with multiple read-only slaves
    • more memory to support memcache partitions
    • N web nodes for Apache/PHP
    • what software changes would we need to make
    • add memcached support
    • add multiple database support
    • fix session persistence to be efficient in a clustered environment with load balancer