Firefox/Projects/Personas Uplift Exploration/Weekly Meetings Notes 10.08.09

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  • Code frozen for beta
  • Late next week (16th) or early in the 20th
  • Undo feature in test builds
  • Follow the link in the agend
  • Big Issues are 1) Caching and 2) Question around the daily pingback
  • Process for beta: 1) beta out the door, 2) file bugs for beta, 3) fix bugs
  • String freeze was a couple of weeks ago, typically no break
    • But in this case undo support feels important enough
    • Plan is to discuss with the localization team

• Waiting for next week for cluster
• Beta to anticipate load demand?

Web Development

  • progress on L10N
  • Ryan is full time on AMO and extra time on
  • To Do: Suneel to sync Ryan with design work being done by Chris Howse and AMO

First-Run Experience

  • Agency mockups almost finalized
  • Chris Howse helping with flows
  • To Do: Tara to sync up with Beltzner about surfacing features in Beta release


Personas included in Collections
• To Do: need to sync up editorial
• To Do: Chris Howse regarding pagination and sync with Web dev

• Next step is to do a review of the process
• To Do: Beltzner idea: new field if you grabbed this from the interent, then where field


Two questions: 1) what do we call it for press, 2) what do we call it in product?

  • for press, call it Personas
  • in product, keep it as Themes and message as 'Personas are a kind of theme'.
    • Why? Ship schedule and existing relationship
    • Question: Could we add “personas” as a suffix in the Themes manager?
  • To Do: Suneel to file a bug and set as dependency to rename Themes tab to reflect Personas
  • Server side fixes so that Theme manager says "Fireflies Persona by Madonna" instead of just "Fireflies by Madonna"