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The goal for this project is to implement a standard approach to transmit file resources in a single package for use in a web page, including (but not exclusively) JS, CSS, images. It should be a standard that all browsers makers can easily implement, and that is backwards compatible with browsers that do not support it. We also want a solution that works for all types of resources, and one that doesn’t require any new tools, file types or protocols.

  • Champion: limi
  • Project Lead: vlad?
  • Project Members: jlebar
  • QA: TBD



  • Make it possible to serve all the resources (images, stylesheets, javascript) required by a page in a single HTTP request, freeing up the other parallel requests to fetch resources that are page-specific.
  • Be as simple to implement as possible, so anyone with a passing familiarity with HTML should be able to perform the optimization.
  • Be entirely transparent to browsers that do not support it.
  • Avoid retransmission of existing resources.
  • Use existing tools that are widely used on all platforms.
  • Support the “80% use case” over adding a lot of complexity to the spec.


  • Invent new file formats
  • Invent new compression formats

Timeline / Milestones


  • Benchmark results as early as possible, with real-world web sites and realistic latency.



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