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When the Application Update billboard is created for a release the billboard's size had to be verified for each locale and platform since these determined the size of the billboard in the Application Update user interface. This was to say the least not a simple task and the people that had to perform this task could be spending their time on other important tasks especially when we are trying to get a release out the door. The billboard page also has buttons that aren't always displayed so localizers were unable to properly determine the width of the user interface. For example, there were several locales that specified a width that were too small when all of the buttons were displayed which caused them to have to quickly patch previous releases of their locale to increase the width so the buttons would be completely displayed.

Even with these efforts the expected billboard size could change if the user had changed their system to use non-default fonts since the user interface used the system font sizes to size itself. To lessen the work required to create the billboard and prevent the user interface from not being wide enough on some locales the dimensions of the Application Update user interface will no longer be localized and the dimensions of the billboard will be the same for all locales and platforms.


  • Same width and height for the update billboard for all platforms and locales. It will be 700px width by 360px height.
  • The width of the user interface will be wide enough to accommodate all locales.
  • Provide a simple method for testing the app update billboard in the application.
  • Redesign of the buttons on Mac OS X (secondary goal).

Non Goals

  • Redesign of user interface pages besides the billboard page bug 548764 - The non-billboard pages need UI redesign.


  • LANDED (on trunk)
  • project lead: rs
  • project members: faaboarg (ux)
  • Met with John Slater to discuss changes
  • Sent email notifying and explaining these changes to the key players: John Slater, Laura Mesa, Pascal Chevrel, Axel Hecht, and Steven Garrity
  • tracking bugs:
    • bug 480178 - Billboard should extend to available space and the update UI should be the same width for all locales

Timeline / Milestones

  • 03/11/10 - landed on trunk - complete
  • 03/31/10 - landed on 1.9.2 and 1.9.1

Delivery Requirements

  • Sign off by UX
  • Sign off by John Slater and team
  • Backport to 1.9.2 and 1.9.1


  • No perf impact


  • None


  • There will be mochitest chrome tests to verify the billboard's width and height are within a couple of pixels of the specified size.

Related Projects

  • bug 548061 - Billboard should handle 404 (other errors?) for billboard better
  • bug 530872 - app.update.url params / update.xml cleanup and addition of a custom string property for apps.
  • bug 548764 - The non-billboard pages need UI redesign.