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Firefox Panorama

- formerly known as group tabs, TabCandy


Why is it that you can remember where the knives are in your kitchen, which has hundreds of things, but have difficulty remember where a particular tab is? TabCandy is a project that helps users deal with the complex ways the modern web is used by providing spatial, touchable groups of tabs and tab groups.

The Pitch

Read Aza's recent blog post with video.

Current Status

  • Working now on integration with trunk. See 574217.

Downloads and Code

Problem Space

  • Tabs don’t scale.
  • It’s time consuming to switch between tabs.
  • We work in semantic groups; our browser don’t.
  • Our tabs have no understanding of search. Only basic understanding of “apps”.
  • Bookmarks are to heavy, tabs are too light. No metaphors for saving/sharing/viewing what we are seeing.
  • No incentive to clean up.
  • We spend 76% of time on first & last tab.

Goals / Use Cases

  • Make switching between tabs easier
  • Make grouping, saving, and managing tabs easier
  • Productivity when you increase monitor size goes up by ~30% (recognition+spatial memory), bring this efficiency gain and ease of mind to tabs.


  • Whole-sale replacement of tabs (by default)
  • Slowing down tab switching (with gratuitous animations, etc)
  • Being an alt-tab replacement



20100226-r17g931yh7959abc9ie7cr5t6e.png 20100226-jpirgqa5spbj6k94qw228uc5t9.png 10.png