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Create an in-content (non-web-accessible) about page that support (both SUMO and third party tech support) can use to help users with problems.

Should include basics like profile location, OS, buildID as well as details like installed addons & plugins, values of certain prefs, &c to help debug user issues.

Current Status

2009-08-31: SUMO team currently creating a list of diagnostics items that would help our support community troubleshoot users more efficiently. Should have the list finalized for the Firefox team's consideration by the end of this week.

Next Steps

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Visual Design

Related Bugs

bug 367596


  • Project Driver: Curtis Bartley
  • Support Liasons: Chris Ilias, David McRitchie and Jason Barnabe have been active on the bug


Not started.

Goals/Use Cases

  • One stop shopping for information useful during tech support
  • Must be kept chrome-only to prevent leakage of sensitive data
  • Must be accessible from a menu. Not just from the location bar.

Non Goals

  • Supporting administrative actions (disabling plugins, changing prefs)
  • Exhaustive listing of browser state
  • about:me-style personal browsing stats-nerd info