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Heartbeat is User Voice in Firefox.

Heartbeat provides real-time understanding of our existing Desktop user population, allowing us to pivot more quickly based on the needs and desires of our users. Heartbeat ties user perception to technical information so we can take your feedback and feed that into future Firefox releases.


  • Build better products and deepen our relationship with our users by capturing both Qualitative and Quantitative data from an unbiased sample of users every day
  • Reduce the number of chemspills (unexpected Firefox repair releases)
  • Reduce user frustration by increasing our visibility into pre-release versions of Firefox so we catch and fix bugs earlier
  • Respect users time and effort by doing minimally intrusive questioning. Small samples, long rest periods, and simple interactions. We want to collect Just Enough data to be useful.
  • Inform users of potential problems and solutions for their product

Project Background

Our existing feedback channels are biased to some degree. We have no way of talking to a true representative sample of our existing user base. At Mozilla, we answer to no one but our users. Our users are at the heart of everything we do. We take our brand promise very seriously and Heartbeat is our way of showing that commitment.

Experience Flow

Every day a random subset of users are offered a rating widget Rating Widget
After rating Firefox, an ENGAGEMENT page may open in a background tab.
  • We can increase engagement with high-rating users by offering a set of links that can help make Firefox even more awesome
  • We can fulfill our brand promise by helping low-rating users improve their experience and find support when needed
Secondary Engagement


Surveys will not include questions that ask the user to provide unique or personal IDs in accordance with your privacy policies.

Disabling Heartbeat

We understand that any interruption of your time on the internet can be annoying.

  1. open about:config
  2. toggle app.normandy.enabled to false
  3. enjoy the rest of your day!

Core Team

Name Role
Technical Lead Gregg Lind
Product Manager Matt Grimes
Developers Mike Kelly/Mike Cooper