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A PHD or Product Hypothesis Doc outlines the overarching research question a particular study is trying to answer. It serves as a contract of sorts between all parties involved in the study to identify what we are ACTUALLY trying to accomplish and how we will measure if we have achieved that result. The PHD is eventually pasted into the bug for launching the study.

PHD Template

  • Basic description of experiment
  • What are the branches of the study?
  • What percentage of users do you want in each branch?
  • What Channels and locales do you intend to ship to?
  • What is your intended go live date and how long will the study run?
  • Are there specific criteria for participants?
  • What is the main effect you are looking for and what data will you use to make these decisions? What metrics are you using to measure success?
  • Who is the owner of the data analysis for this study?
  • Who will have access to the data?
  • Do you plan on surveying users at the end of the study?
  • User facing title of the experiment: Title
  • User facing description of the experiment: Description
  • Code Review performed by: Name of Firefox peer reviewer(s)
  • QA Status of your add-on: Green, yellow, red.
  • Link to any relevant google docs / Drive files that describe the project. Links to prior art if it exists:
    • If there is prior art (e.g. testpilot,, field research, etc.),
    • If there are previous results (particularly if they allow for the removal of experimental branches), review them here.