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Original Rationale

[breakdown] Allow for attribution of acquired Firefox Desktop users

Technical Plan

Stub Attribution Technical Details


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Construct and transmit attribution code on

Bug 1259612 [tracking] Construct and transmit attribution code on

When users visit the Mozilla download page, the website will construct an attribution code.

This code will be passed to bouncer via a URL param. For example:

Stub installer support for attribution

Bug 1261140 Stub installer support for attribution

Owner: mhowell, bsmedberg, rstrong

  • The stub installer will be constructed with a special section that can be modified without invalidating the signing
  • Bouncer will point to a modified version of the normal stub installer: the stub_attcode and other stub_* attributes will be passed through as bytes in the stub installer binary.
    • pending questions on if this is possible.
  • The stub installer self-extractor will pass this info (when present) to the stub installer.
    • Owner: install/update team
  • The stub_attcode will be sent with the stub installer success ping.
    • Owner: install/update team
  • The stub_attcode will be saved to disk with the install.
    • This is how it gets passed to Firefox for use with Telemetry.
    • Owner: install/update team

We will include the stub_attcode value in the unified telemetry activation ping

Bug 1120370 Implement a Telemetry activation ping

  • ... (and potentially ongoing UT main pings)
  • First time you run Firefox on a new profile. This is a new bug.
  • Questions
    • Do we need to send the code with main pings for a specified time period? If so, we’ll need a bug
    • If the attribution code is only sent on the activation ping, do we use profileID to correlate a profile with a specific cohort?
  • Owner: bsmedberg or install/update team

Construct a funnel dashboard that for each code lets us monitor the funnel in close-to-realtime

Bug 1259614 [tracking] Construct a funnel dashboard for Stub Attribution that allows us to inspect the funnel in close to realtime


  • campaign clicks (logs/GA)
  • Download clicks (bouncer logs)
  • Install success (stub install ping)
  • Firstrun (UT activation ping)
  • Ongoing churn and engagement (UT main pings)

Owner: Heather team, with kparlante responsible for pings coming through system.

Make stub attribution script available on the server

Bug 1273940 Make stub attribution script available on the server

Owner: Travis, oremj, relud


  • Cory Price
  • Benjamin Smedberg
  • Christopher More
  • Katie Parlante
  • Matt Howell
  • Robert Strong
  • Thomas Huelbert
  • Travis Blow - tbd
  • Jeremy Orem - tbd
  • Heather Crince
  • Stephen Donner