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Original Rationale

[breakdown] Allow for attribution of acquired Firefox Desktop users

Technical Plan

Stub Attribution Technical Details


Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Status
1689106 The attribution is not added fore new users if the Firefox stub installer is downloaded directly from the Mozilla "download/thanks/" page NEW

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Construct and transmit attribution code on

Bug 1259612 [tracking] Construct and transmit attribution code on

When users visit the Mozilla download page, the website will construct an attribution code.

This code will be passed to bouncer via a URL param. For example:

Stub installer support for attribution

Bug 1261140 Stub installer support for attribution

Owner: mhowell, bsmedberg, rstrong

  • The stub installer will be constructed with a special section that can be modified without invalidating the signing
  • Bouncer will point to a modified version of the normal stub installer: the stub_attcode and other stub_* attributes will be passed through as bytes in the stub installer binary.
    • pending questions on if this is possible.
  • The stub installer self-extractor will pass this info (when present) to the stub installer.
    • Owner: install/update team
  • The stub_attcode will be sent with the stub installer success ping.
    • Owner: install/update team
  • The stub_attcode will be saved to disk with the install.
    • This is how it gets passed to Firefox for use with Telemetry.
    • Owner: install/update team

We will include the stub_attcode value in the unified telemetry activation ping

Bug 1120370 Implement a Telemetry activation ping

  • ... (and potentially ongoing UT main pings)
  • First time you run Firefox on a new profile. This is a new bug.
  • Questions
    • Do we need to send the code with main pings for a specified time period? If so, we’ll need a bug
    • If the attribution code is only sent on the activation ping, do we use profileID to correlate a profile with a specific cohort?
  • Owner: bsmedberg or install/update team

Construct a funnel dashboard that for each code lets us monitor the funnel in close-to-realtime

Bug 1259614 [tracking] Construct a funnel dashboard for Stub Attribution that allows us to inspect the funnel in close to realtime


  • campaign clicks (logs/GA)
  • Download clicks (bouncer logs)
  • Install success (stub install ping)
  • Firstrun (UT activation ping)
  • Ongoing churn and engagement (UT main pings)

Owner: Heather team, with kparlante responsible for pings coming through system.

Make stub attribution script available on the server

Bug 1273940 Make stub attribution script available on the server

Owner: Travis, oremj, relud


  • Cory Price
  • Benjamin Smedberg
  • Christopher More
  • Katie Parlante
  • Matt Howell
  • Robert Strong
  • Thomas Huelbert
  • Travis Blow - tbd
  • Jeremy Orem - tbd
  • Heather Crince
  • Stephen Donner