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September 27, 2017

OKR Progress

Objective Key Result Confidence Features Notes
Jul 6 Jul 25 Aug 2 Aug 24 Sep 7 Sep 18 Score
1. To enable bi-directional bookmarks on iOS by Firefox 57.

User story: As an iOS user, I’d like to see my existing mobile bookmarks on my desktop.

1.1 Users can see their mobile bookmarks on desktop. 50% 65% 65% 95% -- 100% 1.0

Bookmarks are Sync'd from iOS to desktop.

  • Done!
1.2 Users can delete their mobile bookmarks from their iOS device.

We don’t want to prevent users from deleting their mobile bookmarks from the mobile device.

50% 50% 50% 95% -- 100% 1.0

Ability to delete mobile bookmarks from iOS device and Sync those deletions to desktop.

  • Done!
2. To have our data provide valuable insights about Sync engine errors and bookmark validation. 2.1 Validate our validation data.

(Desktop, iOS and Android)

We don’t have confidence that our validation data query results and if they tell us what we want to know. Our analyses tell us different things depending on how they’re run. Let’s get a third party to review the validity of our queries and results.

50% 50% 75% 90% -- 90% 1.0

Validated validation data

  • To be written up by Sept. 29
2.2 Stand up dashboards with accurate bookmark validation data from Android and iOS.

Make sure that the Android and iOS pings are coming in and land the data in Presto in order to create dashboards.

50% 50% 60% 60% -- 60% 0.0

Bookmark validation dashboards for iOS and Android

  • Didn't get this done.
2.3 Flatten Sync engine data.

The engine data are currently unusable for creating dashboards. We need to flatten, have confidence in our results so that we can prioritize our fixes for Desktop.

50% 50% 60% 80% -- 90% 0.9

Provide better sync engine error data for dashboards.

  • Flattening up the data is done and landed.
2.4 Stand up Sync Engine Dashboards.

Using the flattened Sync engine data, stand up dashboards and have confidence in the analysis.

40% 40% 40% 60% -- 60% 0.0

Bookmark Validation Dashboard

  • 2.2 is a blocker for 2.4
  • Need to review with Leif.
2.5 Formulate concrete action items from the validation and sync engine data.

Create a backlog of prioritized bugs to be addressed as a result of our data discoveries.

60% 50% 55% 50% -- 30% 0.0

Implementation of a Repair Failure Strategy

  • No concrete action items formulated.
3. To prevent bookmark corruption. 3.1 Land the bookmark Sync tracker on Android.

In support of Full Bookmark Management that’s being introduced in 56.

Needs to land in nightly by: July 31st (56 goes to Beta on August 7).

50% 70% 80% 95% -- 95% 1.0 Version-based syncing of bookmarks
  • Done!
3.2 Prevent re-ordering of bookmarks on Android.

There is a recurring problem where users bookmarks are re-ordered on their mobile device. Fix this.

50% 50% 60% 60% -- 50% 0.0

Prevention of bookmark reordering on Android.

  • Ran out of time due to higher priorities.
3.3 Analyze and prevent erroneous bookmark deduping on Desktop.

There is a problem where users’ bookmarks are incorrectly deduped or reordered on their desktop device. This is a form of data loss.

60% 60% 75% 85% -- 90% 0.8

Feature description(s)

  • Review not fully complete but looking good. Don’t anticipate problems.
3.4 Batch upload API enabled for all users, with more than 99% of uploads fitting into a single atomic batch. 50% 75% 80% 80% -- 80% 0.8

Batch upload API enabled

  • Briefly enabled for all users.
  • Still a little uncertainty but it’s come a long way from where it was.