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Last Updated

This page was last updated on November 24th, 2019.


Hi and welcome to the Firefox UX Wiki page! We’re a fun lovin’ bunch of designers, developers, and researchers dedicated to helping create great products that make sense and bring joy to people. You can find us hanging out in #UX on Slack (drop by and say hi!)

Design Values

As we design new features for our existing products, take Firefox to new platforms, and create new products, we find ourselves asking — is this Firefoxy? Is what we’re making a clear expression of what it means to be Firefox? What will make it more Firefoxy? And what will we not do because it’s not true to Firefox? As such we have created the Firefox Design Values to serve as a tool to help us understand the attributes of "Firefoxiness" and to guide us as we work.

User Experience (UX)

Firefox UXers can be found in #ux on Slack.

Our UX designers are grouped into pods, balanced for skills and seniority, such that each should have all it needs to take a project from beginning to completion, in partnership with research, design engineering, and content strategy UX team members. We’ve also created the groups to minimize time-zone spread.

Now, the atomic unit of UX assignment is the pod rather than an individual, which means that we’ll always have design team-members for review and feedback on all of our projects. It may mean we can commit to fewer overall projects, but the ones we do commit to should have fewer roadblocks, be able to move faster and create higher quality work.

Name Title Area of Focus Slack Manager Location Timezone Phonebook
Bryan Bell Senior Staff Product/UX Designer Firefox Browser, Photon, Activity Stream :bryanbell Michelle Heubusch Bakersfield GMT -8:00 (Pacific) View Entry
Aaron Benson Senior UX Designer Firefox Browser, Firefox Messaging System :aaron Markus Jaritz Austin GMT -6:00 (Central) View Entry
Holly Collier Senior Product/UX Designer Firefox User Experience :Holly Anthony Lam Chicago (Remote) GMT -6:00 (Central) View Entry
Janice Cramer Senior Product Designer Design Stuff :jcramer Anthony Lam New York (Remote) GMT -5:00 (Eastern) View Entry
Emanuela Damani Senior Product/UX Designer Privacy & Security Products, Firefox Add-ons, Design System :emanuela Markus Jaritz Berlin GMT +1:00 (Central Europe) View Entry
Ryan Feeley Staff Product/UX Designer Firefox Accounts, Firefox Sync :rfeeley Anthony Lam Toronto GMT -5:00 (Eastern) View Entry
Ryan Gaddis Senior UX Designer Lockwise, Privacy & Security :rgaddis Anthony Lam Denver GMT -7:00 (Mountain) View Entry
Stephen Horlander Principal Designer Firefox Browser, All the Things :shorlander James Keller Louisville GMT -5:00 (Eastern) View Entry
Markus Jaritz Design Manager, Product Designer Firefox Desktop, Add-ons, People :designakt James Keller Graz GMT +1:00 (Central Europe) View Entry
James Keller Senior Director Firefox User Experience :jkeller Marissa (Reese) Wood Vancouver GMT -8:00 (Pacific) View Entry
Anthony Lam Design Manager, Product Designer Design Stuff :antlam James Keller Vancouver GMT -8:00 (Pacific) View Entry
Amy Lee Visual Designer Firefox Mobile, Animations :amylee Tiffanie Shakespeare Toronto GMT -5:00 (Eastern) View Entry
Eric Pang UX Visual Designer Privacy & Security, WebPayments, Animations :epang Markus Jaritz Toronto GMT -5:00 (Eastern) View Entry
Bram Pitoyo UX Designer Firefox Mobile :bram Tiffanie Shakespeare New Zealand GMT +12:00 (Auckland) View Entry
Jacqueline Savory Interaction Designer Privacy, Security :jsavory Markus Jaritz Vancouver GMT -8:00 (Pacific) View Entry
Tiffanie Shakespeare Interaction Designer Firefox Mobile, Firefox Focus :tif James Keller Portland GMT -8:00 (Pacific) View Entry
Michael Verdi Senior Interaction Designer Search :verdi Tiffanie Shakespeare San Antonio GMT -6:00 (Central) View Entry
Philip Walmsley Senior Visual Designer Branding, Web :pwalm Anthony Lam Vancouver GMT -8:00 (Pacific) View Entry
Victoria Wang Senior UX Designer Developer Tools :victoria Markus Jaritz Portland (Remote) GMT -8:00 (Pacific) View Entry
Nicole Weber UX Designer Firefox Mobile :topotropic Tiffanie Shakespeare Berlin GMT +1:00 (Central Europe) View Entry


Name Title Area Manager Location Date left
Daniela Arcese UX Developer Intern Design Engineers Blake Winton Toronto July 2017
Harry Twyford UX Developer Intern Prototypes, polish Blake Winton Toronto July 2018
Sevaan Franks Staff Product/UX Designer Test Pilot, Strategy & Insights, Context Graph, New Products Anthony Lam Toronto August 2018
Francis Djabri UX Researcher Photon William Selman San Francisco August 2018
William Selman Lead UX Researcher Search, Photon Madhava Enros Portland October 2018
Ruby Hsu Senior UX Researcher Firefox for Android, Firefox Rocket Harly Hsu Taipei 2018
Amin Alhazwani UX Designer Design System Philipp Sackl Berlin December 2018
Robin Andersen Senior Mobile UX Designer Firefox for iOS Markus Jaritz San Francisco December 2018
Nicole Love Senior UX Researcher Gemma Petri Chicago 2018
Madhava Enros Director, Firefox UX Suggesting the logo be bigger Nick Nguyen Toronto January 2019
Erica Wright UX Developer Prototypes, experiments, polish, internal tools, etc… Blake Winton Toronto February 2019
Philipp Sackl Product Design Lead, Firefox Perceived performance, Management, product direction Nick Nguyen Munich March 2019
Ron Akanowicz Interaction Designer Privacy & Security Markus Jaritz Boston July 2019
Blake Winton UX Development Lead Prototypes, experiments, polish, internal tools, etc… Michelle Heubusch Toronto November 2019