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Microsoft Windows 7 will be the next version of the Windows operating system. As with Vista, we should be looking at opportunities for richer system integration, as well as ensuring that we're not dependent on depricated OS features.

Changes in Windows 7

PDC 2008 had a lot of video coverage. Requires Silverlight/Moonlight to stream, WMV available.

  • Quicklaunch toolbar is gone (Desk 43:48)
  • Jump lists (Desk 29:05 and 36:58)
  • Window/Tab previews
  • systray/notifications/balloons back in user control
  • New notification when the system is on AC and the harddrive is spinning
  • New accessibility features and tools

Things that we don't do correctly now

  • With the removal of quicklaunch, we should hide the option in the installer when on Win7. There is no API to add Firefox (or any app) to the taskbar by design.
  • The default jumplist will use the most recently used files as opened/saved via the standard file dialog. This is probably not desireable. IE shows history and some other ui actions. bug 473045
  • We should add large icons since they will be more common
  • bug 462441

Things we should consider doing in the future

  • We can show a progress bar on the app icon (details vague). Sounds like a good candidate for the download manager. (Desk 43:00) bug 474060
  • Tab preview like IE? (Desk 27:40) bug 474056
    • Per window previewing is nice (Desk 25:20) bug 474056
  • Window previews ("Thumbnail toobars") can have UI controls added (Desk 40:22). By default they show title and a close button. Windows Media Player adds previous, play/pause and next buttons for quick control. bug 474056
  • Direct2D and DirectWrite look good
    • Will be backported to Vista (XP unlikely)
    • Relies on DX10 w/good GDI interop
    • cairo backend looks easy to write
    • DWRITE_RENDERING_MODE bug 517642
    • Might make downloadable fonts easier
    • nsTextFrameDirect2D: possible to do, but little reason to do so
  • DX11 has new compute shaders
    • SVG filters?
  • Check that the Firefox icon looks good with hot track (Desk 34:48). "High DPI is a very important part of this release" - we should check that all icons look good at higher DPI.


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