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firefox-dev is a mailing list with one explicit goal:

  • Offer an easy, transparent venue for getting constructive, Firefox-related development work done and providing development status updates.

and some explicit non-goals:

  • It does not offer community members the chance to post until they get satisfaction about their concerns.
  • It is not a suitable forum for requesting or offering technical support for users of Firefox
  • It is not a suitable forum for unsolicited Firefox feature requests or suggestions

Topics related to add-on development in Firefox are best asked on the Add-ons Matrix channel.


You can subscribe by sending an email to or using the Google Groups interface at

Moderation Policy

firefox-dev is a moderated list:

  • Participants must abide by Mozilla's Community Participation Guidelines
  • Anyone can subscribe and read the messages
  • Anyone can post. By default, posts will be reviewed by a moderator before being sent to the list
  • A smaller number of contributors will be added to a pre-approved-posting list, and their postings will go directly to the list without having to first be reviewed by a moderator
  • Posts which are ranting, venting, and being unnecessarily argumentative may not go to the list

Messages need to abide by two simple rules to be approved by the moderators:

  • Be nice (in other words, no personal attacks, ranting, etc.)
  • Be constructive (in other words, no whining, repetition, venting, etc.)

Membership of the pre-approved-posting list is subject to temporary or permanent suspension. Abuse or conduct complaints should be sent to <> or <>.

This policy is expected to evolve at the discretion of the list-owner (<>).


There are read-only archives available: