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In Attendance

annie, axel, autonome, beltzner, ben, bsmedberg, brakowski, brettw, darin, dveditz, gavin, jhughes, mconnor, markp, rebron, rob_strong, timr


  1. Alpha 1 Status
  2. Firefox 2 Feature Status Roundtable
  3. Any other business

Alpha 1 Status


  • Places infrastructure (performance, stability, toolbar drag & drop)
    • performance (Tp, Ts) has gotten better, close to status quo if not better
    • problems with memory leak on balsa that we're trying to track down; this is blocking us as we can't turn it on. We're not sure that this is even Places that's doing it.
      • dveditz: the whole point of "WARN_IF_FALSE" was to warn instead of fail on an assertion.
      • darin: I'm gonna rack that up to maybe a typo in nsDebug.h?
      • ben: maybe we can flip places on?
      • beltzner: will post to devnews tonight, then flip it on for Weds morning
  • Undo Close Tab
    • at a hard decision about what approach to take
      • either hide-the-tab, try to leverage bfcache, or just try to preserve form data retention
    • will be able to get it ready for A1 based on one of these directions, assuming we still want to
      • beltzner: I think we should get at least one of these directions in place
    • darin: why would we use bfcache?
    • bsmedberg: it might help persist full state while not allowing plugins and media to run in the background (which would happen with hide-the-tab)
    • darin: need to be careful about onunload handlers and other things that disable bfcache
    • mconnor: if I can't figure out a way to make it work consistently, we might want to push this off to A2 or even extension-land
  • Tab Overflow
  • Extension Blacklisting
    • patch waiting for review
  • Extension Dependencies
    • landed, no regressions
  • Search Plugin Format Changeover (with sherlock import)
    • review going well, working through Ben's comments
    • not going to move to toolkit based on feedback in d-a-f
    • looking to have a new patch for review soon (today/tomorrow)
  • Spell-As-You-Type (english only)
    • it's on trunk already (without the dictionary) --enable-extension: spellcheck? there are instructions in the enable spell check bug
    • still blocked on licensing, who do I talk to about this? mscott for starters.
    • ben: where does the dictionary file? what needs to happen with the build system to get it included?
    • bsmedberg: point me to that please and we can get this started
  • Instrumentation Infrastructure
    • good progress on getting server infrastructure up and running
    • should move this off to A2
    • the exit survey will be in place for Firefox, morgamic is doing the final bits of work for the web app
      • also thinking about entrance survey
      • action beltzner cc darin on bug 314119
  • RSS parser
    • ben needs to check in with robert, think it's stuck waiting for a review
  • RSS content detection (?)
    • we think we're good here; not in darin's review queue anymore, at any rate


  • version number / branding
    • currently set at 1.5, should it be 2.0a1?
    • benjamin: yes, that's what mscott's doing
    • dveditz: should we also change the trunk, which is currently 1.6a1?
    • benjamin: mscott has all of these under proposal
    • action beltzner to take this as an action
  • davel: when we push 2.0a1 to the beta-update channel, will these users get a choice?
    • darin: yes, if we set something as a "major" release, they'll get a choice
    • bsmedberg: it would be a good idea to test this code path on the nightly?
    • annie: I think there's a lot of users who don't realize that they're on a beta channel right now, so we shouldn't be pushing the alpha onto the 1.5 beta channel
    • action for darin to synch up with preed(?) to make sure that everyone's up to speed
    • action for QA to test the 1.5.x update logic for user choice
  • ben: release notes? documentation for MDC?
    • promote it as a developer release
    • mconnor: do we even want to promote it as that? some of these APIs are going to change?
    • beltzner: but we want that feedback, don't we?
    • mconnor: I'm worried about getting dugg, and getting bug feedback that we don't really care about anyway
    • ben: maybe do it invite only?
    • mconnor: get the release download numbers from Asa

Status Updates


  • performance was good, no known data corruption issues
  • annie's prepared some solid estimates, I need to do that and get it from the rest of the team
  • action ben to meet with schrep next monday

Tabbed Browsing

  • nothing beyond what's been discussed

Extension Manager Enhancements

  • Extension Dependencies - phase 1 landed - no regressions so far
  • Extension Blacklisting - patch ready for review last Friday
  • Extension Locales - started
  • Extension UI - mockups and proof of concept started


  • Windows Installer - nothing new other than work on this will start again this week
    • bsmedberg: is DOM Inspector part of the product or not?
    • first requirement is to be able to provide variable paths for distribution and packaging of our installer
    • now we're starting to talk about creating various levels of stub install: stub with full code, stub with all code but not optional code, stub with no code.
      • bsmedberg: but do we consider DOM inspector part of the application or not?
      • rob_strong: put it on AMO?
      • beltzner: we need to figure out a way to make sure that it's there for users who need it, but not there for users who aren't there
  • Branding and Locale installer customization - nothing new

Search Engine UI

  • Back end work complete
  • Updated patch today or tomorrow - needs review from mconnor
    • Addressed ben's SR comments
  • Code to remain in /browser per discussion on dev.apps.firefox
  • Re-factoring of the Sherlock parsing code to be completed seperately if time permits (low priority)
  • Need to discuss search plugin format further

Visual/UI Refresh

  • requirements for the visual refresh are on the wiki
    • will be creating a new space for discussion of this theme (dev.apps.firefox.newtheme) and trying to figure out some place to provide hosting for mockups and images
  • met with ben and jhughes yesterday to discuss changes to the default chrome for the browser window, the outcome of which was posted to dev.apps.firefox

Platform Uplift

  • SVG textPath needs to get an answer and attention in the next 2 weeks, thus I make a commitment here that I will produce a landing scenario for them by March 10.
  • no new status on UTF-16 XPCOM I/O fixes.
  • schedule for platform uplift deadlines no longer clear due to schedule strategy shift; will try to build something new there for next week.
  • need to produce a plan for tracking 1.8.1 approval queues and setting expectations there appropriately.

Inline Spell Check

Waiting for clarification on licensing.

Instrumentation / Exit Surveys

  • Mostly working on server backend. Not much new status to report.
  • bug 189570 is fixed on the trunk.

Session Saver

  • SessionStore service mostly working in Bon Echo
  • Currently pulling from cache or reloading, not dump/restoring DOM
  • This week: define and document API, finish code review and post patch

Branding & Update Systems

  • nothing new here


  • need to check in with robert sayre

Offline mode / better use of cache

  • patch is in, waiting for branch approval
  • continuing to investigate low hanging fruit


  • fritz, darin, neils, mmc and brakowski meeting this afternoon to talk about ways of bundling/integrating Google phishing protector
  • also investigating heuristic-based approaches and UI rendering for warnings about phishing


  • nothing new here


  • schrep's out of town, but is still planning to kick off a meeting on collecting better performance data on daily builds to continually monitor this issue

Other Business

  • annie: maybe use Google's QA to help us here
    • action annie and timr to talk about this