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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 216 2181
  • join #bonecho for attendance taking

In Attendance


  1. Bon Echo Alpha 2 (Tracking & Status)
  2. Development Roundtable
  3. Any other business
    1. Alpha 3?

Bon Echo Alpha 2

  • proposed release for May 9th, code freeze for May 5th
    • ben: should we talk about this in context of A3?
      • beltzner: I don't think whether or not we do A3 should affect A2's date
      • shaver: I think it might; if we do an A3 it might slip or slide the A2 content
  • tracking against requirements
    • rstrong: extension locales might not make it
    • shaver: need timelines for offline storage, timer loop stuff
    • ben: session restore is there but need to watch Tp/Ts
    • ben: places needs to consider an A3 to be feature complete
    • ben: RSS UI will probably not make an A2
    • bsmedberg: new installer will require some release/build engineering time to get things working properly
  • what platform pieces are being targetted?
    • shaver: event loop pieces, canvas context stuff (maybe, vlad's overburdened with timer fixes and offline storage as well)

Developer Roundtable

Add notes about work being actively done at the moment, areas where you'll need help/review, or things which the rest of the team should be made aware of. Leaving the section blank or linking to current discussion threads in dev.apps.firefox is perfectly acceptable.

Visual Refresh: Chrome Polish

  • jhughes has created a tracking bug for "lame dialogs" which equates nicely to the P3 targetted at B2 for polish issues; beltzner to go through the polish list and attach more on there and then start cutting through those
  • there's still a lot of dispute about the worthiness of the proposed chrome structure changes in d-a-f, right now it's netting out to the following changes beyond what's already been changed so far:
    • moving the reload button to a combined reload/go (not reload/stop!) button at the right of the URL bar (mconnor has issues with this, as do many others)
    • changing the progress meter from being a bar in the status bar to a pie inside the throbber (beltzner to file bug)
    • moving the home button to the bookmarks toolbar (a little resistance here, still)
    • keeping tabs at a fixed width after one is closed until the mouse is moved away from the tab bar (tab closebuttons and tab widths are (still!) very contentious changes)

Visual Refresh: Theme Polish

  • response in the newsgroup has been slow
  • some discussion of leveraging free graphics such as the Tango library where possible
    • quick sidenote: we'll fold the default theme discussion back into d-a-f from d-a-themes; it's a little fractured atm, separating it out didn't work :(
  • we've contacted a few design firms to see if they'd be interested in submitting some concepts for new default themes (asked to see 6 or so ideas from each)
    • once those concept designs are in, we'll review and post them for public comment and then follow up for implementation
  • jhughes has created tracking bugs for Vista and Mac OS X theme detail issues.

Bookmarks and History: Places

  • Making good progress:
    • 58 a2 issues open... annie 14 brettw 14 ben 10 joe 13 pam 3
    • annie 19 brettw 13.5 beng 16 joe 15
    • focusing on feature complete & major "functionality broken" bugs.
  • schrep: what's a user with A2 going to see difference-wise from A1 in terms of places
    • ben: some new functionality, better performance, the UI polish in terms of presentation might not be there; how's search gonna be?

User Experience: General & Tabbed Browsing

  • someone asked: how's the new browsermessage stuff?
    • mconnor: first review is done, it's pretty cool, gonna get enn to do a second pass on that

User Experience: Session Restore

  • Patch available for testing at bug 328162
  • Currently working on fixing Ts regression

User Experience: Spell Check

  • a few pieces of work yet to be done; might increase file size
  • action: brettw to file bugs and get them targetted at A2

User Experience: Microsummaries

  • Landed first patch: bug 333052, which makes the bookmarks toolbar observe the "bookmarks/generatedTitle" annotation. When the microsummary service sets or updates that annotation for a particular bookmark, the toolbar now uses the content of the annotation as the bookmark's label.
  • Currently working on patch implementing microsummary service.

Feeds: Parser

  • Robert sayrer needs to address peterv review feedback and get sr asap. (up for sr as of 2006-04-09)
  • Needs to complete feed parser js component (beng reviewing)
  • action: mconnor to speed SR for this piece

Feeds: UI

  • Blocked by prereq (feed parser)

Extension Manager: UI

Extension Manager: Blocklisting

Extension Manager: Locale Packs

  • might not make A2

Search: UI

  • Search engine manager patch to be submitted this week
    • ben and beltzner brought up a few things that gavin didn't have on his radar
    • action: beltzner to file bug about moving the search drop-down selector to the right hand side of the search bar
    • Got sidetracked by some 1.0.8 regressions

Search: Plugin Format

  • Little bug fixes and cleanup has been reviewed and will land soon
  • Format changes delayed until b1

Distribution: Installer

Distribution: EULA

Distribution: Channel Support

  • darin: anything

Infrastructure: Performance

  • Are there SVG performance improvement opportunities for Fx2? Starting to get pokes from people building SVG-heavy applications (mapping), etc. about timeline for improvements (Fx2 vs Fx3).
  • Did the compiler-switch conversation happen offline?

Infrastructure: Platform Uplift

  • JS 1.7 to arrive by end of April ("or bust" per Brendan): generators, iterators, array comprehensions, let, block scope, destructuring assignment
  • Canvas interface and optimizations (bug 333177): vlad needs to decide to land them on trunk first for baking prior to a2. Would be good to get 1.8+patch experimental builds up somewhere for canvas-developers to test.
  • vlad and jst are doing whatwg storage, apparently! (What subset? Need more details, hope to get them soon.)
  • no update on Darin/vlad minimal timer work (need a bug on file)
  • no update on mento's main-loop work (bug 332579), but still plausible for May 9.
  • shaver: still concerned about getting the right hooks in place for extensions, esp. WRT Places, Session Saver, and notification area (if it happens).
  • 1.8.1 nomination triage meeting: is it scheduled?
    • schrep: yes, we should just schedule it - you want to do a first pass and target that at the end of this week?
    • shaver: I'll do the first pass if you schedule the meeting

Infrastructure: Instrumentation

Security: Phishing

Security: SSL

User Documentation

Other Business

Alpha 3

  • ben: I've been moving bugs to B1 which would probably be good to fix before the beta cycle; they're not new features, but they'd be useful to get before alpha
  • schrep: that would push us into September for the schedule; if it's completing what we currently have planned, that's one thing, but if it's jamming a bunch of new stuff in there, that's a different issue.
  • ben: some of the work on the UI hasn't started yet (not even talking about tags) and in my experience the UI polish work often leads to new bugs
  •  ??: I thought the approach of evaluating whether or not an A3 as we come up to A2 deadline was the best one to take; minimizes risk and slip
  • mconnor: afraid that if we add an A3, we'll end up with longer cycles in beta, and we'll end up adding more features and just delaying ship even further
  • myk: there's uncertainty with uSummaries, too, especially in terms of the available review resources
  • schrep: what would you be able to do differently now knowing that there might be an alpha3?
    • ben: I'd be able to prioritize work more accurately; it wouldn't change the work that people are doing today
  • consensus was to push towards A2 and re-evaluate closer to ship