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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 216 2181
  • join #bonecho for attendance taking


  1. Bon Echo Alpha 2 (Tracking & Status)
  2. Development Roundtable
  3. Any other business

Bon Echo Alpha 2

High level status review P1 and P2 requirements targetted at A2; please add detailed updates on all work in these areas to the Development Roundtable, below.

  • Visual Refresh
    • first proposals from Radiant Core are in, will review with other vendors and post to dev.apps.firefox for community comment
  • User Experience
    • tabbed browsing: on target
    • session restore: on target, code landed, hasn't been enabled, Ts tests will start happening today
    • tab overflow: need to find code for tab expose, scrolling tabstrip, not sure if there will be time before this friday.
    • microsummaries: on target, waiting for review
      • brettw: is this close to the final patch?
      • myk: this latest patch unified trunk and branch, so yes, this should be more or less
    • spell check: on target, waiting for review, needs bake time
  • Feeds
    • parser: at risk, mostly landed, need to get SAX feed processor landed on branch (requires branch approval, requires patch)
      • action item: schrep to ask peterv for an assist on getting it patched and merged, bug 315826
    • ui: missing target, to do is: move web handler api to window.navigator (~5d), ui preview in content area (~5d), hook up subscribe button in location bar (quick), link to preferences, testing.
    • code is on branch, but not enabled by default (need --enable-feeds)
  • Extension Manager
    • new ui: on target, a few outstanding bugs pending review, some bugs on older functionality that will be fixed for b1
    • automatic update to a locale pack based on browser locale: not gonna make A2
      • taking this off the list for A2
  • Search
    • management UI: landed on branch, some discussion about integrating it with EM UI, but that turns out to be a lot of work
    • grey text in background: on target, patch awaiting SR
    • suggest-as-you-type: format getting nailed down, trying to get some code from Google Suggests so there's no need to reinvent the wheel, should hit assuming all the pieces will fall in as mconnor expects
    • resizable search box: on target bug 205011
    • search button: on target, patch in waiting reviews
    • search format version: proposal in bug 331143, not blocking A2
    • simple auto-discovery of search engines based on link-rel: on target
  • Installer
    • move to nsis: on target (with some heavy lifting) for a 1xp installer, plus some process around ability to package extras for hitting Thursday's builds
  • EULA/Distribution/Channel Support
    • work retargetted at B1, considering use of extensions
  • Performance
    • event handling on mac: patch ready, experimental build shook out some nasty bugs
    • canvas optimizations: on target, independent of the cairo uplift bug 333613
    • idle timer optimizations: darin or vlad to investigate, should be able to hit friday, aren't many chances of serious regression, but should get this into A2
      • action item: darin is going to try to make it happen for Friday
  • Platform
    • JS 1.7: hasn't landed on the trunk yet, now have zero confidence of a branch-ready patch for Friday; 50% confidence that it might be ready for next Friday
      • igor might be able to help with patch reviews or merging back to branch
    • WHATWG offine storage: on target and in pretty good shape, not sure what level of completion we're at, need to call this out in the release notes
    • SVG updates: would like to get this stuff on the branch, need to get more info with tim and vlad, this Friday would be tight, but potentially doable
    • storage/sqlite: on target, landed
    • online/offline state: available to take, support for w32 & linux, not yet for mac
      • schrep: which of these things are to be considered highest priority for A2?
  • Anti-Phishing
    • front-end changes: on target, filed bug 336273 for front-end preferences
    • performance issues: still at risk, some occasional lockups on shutdown when using a local list
  • SSL2
    • new ECC ciphers: on target

Developer Roundtable

Please add any status updates from the past week, including links to relevant bugs, newsgroup discussions, etc:

Visual Refresh: Chrome Polish

Visual Refresh: Theme Polish

Bookmarks and History: Places

User Experience: General & Tabbed Browsing

User Experience: Session Restore

  • The core code has landed, but is not enabled.
  • When enabled, the Ts tests failed to run: Tinderbox kills the app process between tests, not allowing clean shutdown. This triggers the session-restore prompt on the next startup, causing Ts failure because it can't get past the prompt. I filed 336193 for the shutdown issue. As a temporary workaround, I'm going to add a pref to disable crash prompts, so that we can get the service in the nightlies for people to test.
  • Undo-close-tab: I have a patch for 254021, which can be applied once the session-restore service has been enabled.

User Experience: Spell Check

User Experience: Microsummaries

  • checked in two trunk -> branch sync patches for code in browser/ that microsummaries touches (bug 315346 and bug 335891) so I can create a single patch for trunk and branch;
  • added support for old RDF-based bookmarks service;
  • updated patch awaiting review in bug 334471.

Feeds: Parser

  • all of Robert Sayre's patches except the Feed Processor itself have been landed on the branch and the trunk
    • the feed processor will be landed soon, and cvs access for Robert is coming shortly
  • various document loading bugs fixed and out of the way. (thanks bz, biesi)

Feeds: UI

  • Very basic in-page UI complete but needs tweaking, and post content. Disabled by default on branch and trunk. Shows for every feed document encountered provided there is no auto-handler specified.
  • to enable, use ac_add_options --enable-feeds

Extension Manager: UI

Extension Manager: Blocklisting

Extension Manager: Locale Packs

Search: UI

Search: Plugin Format

Distribution: Installer

Distribution: EULA

Distribution: Channel Support

Infrastructure: Performance

Infrastructure: Platform Uplift

Infrastructure: Instrumentation

Security: Phishing

Security: SSL

User Documentation

Developer Documentation

  • Eric Shepherd (sheppy) is getting started on Firefox 2 related documentation:
    • "Firefox 2 for Developers" will introduce all the cool new stuff developers will be begging to know about.
      • Expect to see Sheppy sniffing around for juicy tidbits of information. If he heads your way, don't run! The best way to get rid of him is to tell him cool technical stuff about Firefox 2 until he starts writing about it, then make your escape.
      • Feel free to be pre-emptive! If there's something you know needs to be shared with developers, drop email to
    • "New In JavaScript 1.7" will provide an overview of the latest JS features that will be supported by Fx2 by its final release.


owner at military service, mail sent to team (which is active)
trademarks review 
lacks tracking

Other Business

  • Tech writer Eric Shepherd will be hanging around from now on. Expect to hear from him if he hears anything that sounds like it may need documentation.

Prioritization of A2 at-risk features

  • at risk is: RSS, tab overflow, some platform pieces
  • RSS is a really, really nice to have
    • competitive with IE7, more use of RSS in productivity products in the new Office and Vista
    • still not a significant majority of web users use RSS
  • want to hold to the A2 schedule as-is
  • consider having an A3 based on how the RSS work does
    • action item: beltzner and schrep to crisp up the schedule for what ship date looks like with and without the A3
  • platform risk priorities: (1) WHATWG offline storage, (2) (tie) JS 1.7, (2) (tie) SVG Fixes, (3) cairo uplift
  • action item: continue on course for A2, check up on status of RSS and platform pieces and consider an A3 when those things are ready