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Meeting Details

  • 11:00am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 216 2181 (or +1 303 228 0514)
  • join #bonecho for backchannel


  1. Bon Echo Alpha 3 Roundup
  2. Bon Echo Beta 1
    1. status update, SWAGs
    2. branch management process here on out
  3. Development Roundtable
  4. Any other business

Bon Echo Alpha 3

  • shipped on time (yay!)
    • significant thanks to teams who worked on SafeBrowsing, NSIS, DOMStorage and all the other little fixes, as well as to QA/build who stayed late on Friday to help finish the release
  • waiting for preed before we ship the AUS bits (should we announce that?)
  • JS 1.7 missed this release, shaver & brendan both think that if we get it in early and baking it could go with beta 1, need new target date for this
  • bug 337311 deferred to beta 1, but we think it's fixed and just needs to be verified/closed by BZ

Bon Echo Beta 1

  • here's the list of blocking?/+ for beta 1 (at 9am EDT, 118 bugs found)
    • owners of those bugs need to add [swag: ?d] so we can identify long poles and schedule landings for beta 1 so we don't have a bunch at the same time
    • mconnor: the idea here is to get a sense of whether or not an individual is overloaded, and ensuring that our estimates are correct
    • jhughes: I can be a point of contact on that for the Google team
    • schrep: does that mean you'll also be able to identify long-poles? and should we get together to re-evaluate?
    • mconnor: if we get the SWAGs by EOD Wednesday, I can run the stats and send out mail if there are problems and we can meet.
    • todo: jhughes, mconnor to whip for SWAGs, mconnor to run stats
    • axel: what about review time?
    • mconnor: I've offloaded bugs to increase my bandwidth for reviews
  • current target dates:
    • June 15th: major string changes in for l10n to start
    • June 29th: Beta 1 Code Freeze (QA begins)
    • July 6th : Beta 1 Ship
    • an ICS schedule is available
  • what's the best process for approvals? daily triage?
    • bsmedberg: rules for checkin or triage?
    • mconnor: both, we'd triage and do branch approvals only; I'd suggest we do that at the time of string freeze
    • schrep: that sounds reasonable
  • schrep: what's the criteria for release?
    • mconnor: the blocker list seems to be pretty real, and I'm working through the nominations right now. if people want to review the noms (?/+/-) they should do so in advance of the next meeting.

Developer Roundtable

Please add any status updates from the past week, including links to relevant bugs, newsgroup discussions, etc:

Visual Refresh: Chrome Polish

Visual Refresh: Theme Polish

Bookmarks and History: Places

User Experience: General & Tabbed Browsing

User Experience: Session Restore

User Experience: Spell Check

User Experience: Microsummaries

Feeds: Parser

Feeds: UI

Extension Manager: UI

Extension Manager: Blocklisting

Extension Manager: Locale Packs

Search: UI

Search: Plugin Format

Distribution: Installer

  • bsmedberg: when do we flip to NSIS by default? when do we drop the old installer?
  • rstrong: if you're willing to take on the repackaging stuff, that would be great, and we could probably knock that out this week.
  • mconnor: what's the criteria for dropping the XPinstall installer?
  • rstrong: lemme do one more run through of the code before we make the switch permanent
  • mconnor: QA should do a side-by-side to ensure we're on track
  • rstrong: I'll talk to davel on that today
  • todo: rstrong to get QA to do side-by-side of installer

Distribution: EULA

Distribution: Channel Support

Infrastructure: Performance

Infrastructure: Platform Uplift

Infrastructure: Instrumentation

Security: Phishing

  • beltzner: any testcases for anti-phishing?
  • tony: I could make some, I guess, none exist atm
  • todo: beltzner to hook QA up with tony

Security: SSL

User Documentation

Developer Documentation


Other Business