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Meeting Details

  • 11:30am PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 216 2181 (or +1 303 228 0514)
  • join #bonecho for backchannel


  1. Review known risk areas (below)
  2. Review any new risk areas
  3. Review plan for beta 1 release:
    1. QA plan
    2. Build/release
    3. Release notes/website changes

Bon Echo Beta 1

Areas of Concern

  • schrep: Since it's a large patch. We could use help testing the trunk builds to make sure the pref panel is still functioning properly
  • Waldo: soonest it can be on trunk with regression updates is this afternoon
  • schrep: because it involves both client and server AUS. I'd prefer not to defer this one since b1->b2 upgrades is a great place to catch issues.
  • morgamic has said that the server AUS stuff will be pushed today
  • schrep: JS 1.7 - which has mostly been on trunk and has good automated coverage. This makes b1 or misses the release.
  • brendan: looks like we're gonna land this afternoon, been on trunk for a long time ensuring no regressions and API compatibility

QA Plan

  • marcia: lots of smoketests in Litmus, more needed, BFTs need builds
  • schrep: how long from build handoff to end of BFTs?
  • marcia: ideally no less than 2 days
  • preed: looking at 4hours from tagging to candidate availability on all platforms
  • davel: would like to request that the day after the build is cut, we cut an update on a dummy channel so we can test automatic updates

l10n Plan

  • schrep: what locales are we planning to ship?
  • beltzner: just the installers translated, or all all strings in good shape?
  • axel: we seem to be keeping up to date, if we take a whole day next week we should be at a point where all locales are in good shape. You can keep track of the status here.
  • axel: when would we pull l10n builds?
  • schrep: we were talking next monday, were we not?
  • preed: set a date, communicate it to everyone, and then I'll know when to tag
  • axel: let's say 5am PDT on Monday, so preed could pull Monday morning when preed rolls into the office?

PR Plan

  • pkim: do we want to promote the GA of beta1 on
  • beltzner: we promoted it on and devnews last time
  • pkim: we're also going to be doing some press since we know that the technology press will be covering it and reviewing it the moment it comes out
  • schrep: how much heads up notice will you need?
  • pkim: matter of hours; a 24 hour window is ideal
  • schrep: will we be switching branding to "Firefox" from "Bon Echo"?
  • pkim: that's a cbeard decision, and I'll ask him soon


  • puts release no later than end of next week, no sooner than Tuesday