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  • Document and quantify changes that affect extensions
  • Increase awareness about addons API changes in Firefox 3.1
  • Automate compatibility statistics for future Firefox versions
  • Assist developers with the update process

Tasks & Schedule

Milestone 1 - Oct 24

Milestone 2 - Dec 11

  • Send out emails to developers and editors - rey, morgamic, paul
  • Post to blog and mail list detailed information about what is changing and how to update - rey, morgamic
  • Develop communication around how and when to flip version compability number. e.g like - ?
  • Get a list of changes and bug numbers that will affect addons that are coming down the pike to provide guidance to addon developers about the roadmap for the next few months. - blizzard + sheppy
    • Addons developers not affected by these changes can get started on compatability now
    • Addons developers affected by the changes can steer clear or get involved with early testing on the changes as they appear.
  • Try and get a few addon developers involved early to give feedback on coverage and quality of the documentation. Target Web Developer Addons since these kind of addons also help to increase use of the beta releases if they are available at beta release time. - rey, paul

Milestone 3 - Dec 16


Snapshots of progress from the dashboard

Date Latest Older 3.1 betas 3.1 alphas Not Compat Other
11/13/08 28 24 54 4
11/18/08 29 15 54 2
12/05/08 30 20 50 0
12/12/08 27 7 15 52 0
12/19/08 37 7 13 43 0

Follow up contact

There are a few highly popular/highly used addons not distributed on amo, or not widely distributed, that we need outreach and contact on to make sure they are working for 3.1. List is started below