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This is the place to exchange notable information between developers/QA and localizers about localizing Firefox 3 features. Examples of items that'd be good to add would be

Key terminology 
Which words and terms should be used consistently throughout the feature, or Fx at large. Bookmarks or Identity would be examples.
Exposing UI 
If user interface, and thus it's localization, depends on actions or services, explain how to reproduce those and expose the UI.
OS Integration 
For those places where there are different names for different platforms, explain why those names were chosen, and if possible, point to references where localizers could search for the translations of those.

This list is of course not extensive, rather make a comment too many. Anybody should feel free to add information, if this page grows beyond reason, we'll split it.

Crash reporter 
There is an extension to crash your firefox on demand, crashme. It adds Tools -> Crash me now