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Here is the combined schedule for Firefox/Thunderbird It contains the major steps for development, QA, Build and Community RC. Many things are hard to include on such a high level schedule including last opportunity to land fixes on the trunk, the community test day, etc.

Please note: This is a tight schedule. We have tried not to make it overly optimistic, but also not overly pessimistic. Unforeseen events can cause slips which are likely to effect things downstream. We will update this when major changes to the schedule occur.


Major activities on the schedule

  • Development
    • Development = Identifing blockers, identify other non-critical but high ROI fixes, triaging bug nominations and patch approvals, landing patches
  • QA
    • Bug Verification = Verifying all possible security bugs, critical bugs and blocker bugs.
    • BFT/Smoke Test = a BFT (Basic Functional Test) on windows and extended smoke tests on linux/mac.
    • L10n Test = Run the metadiff which identifies what has changed in the package for each locale since last release. Test any new locales and spot test the previously released locales on different platforms. Same for full update paths for locales. Have locale owners and community members test as much as possible.
    • Update Test = Run automated udpate test. Test the partial updates by spot checking a few locales with manual testing. Have locale owners and community members test as much as possible.
    • Staging test = Spot test the builds (en-US and locales) from the staging location.
      • These are final bits ready to be turned live. This is a smaller subset of locales to test then the "L10n Test" since we are just looking for staging issues at this point.
      • Once the bits go live, test the all.html page. Use Bob's automated downloadchecker tool
  • Build
    • Release Prep = tagging, signing, etc. for en-US. Includes update mar files.
    • L10n Prep = tagging, signing, etc. for the locales.
    • Sign = Final signing of the bundles.
    • Updates = Generate partial update mar files for all locales.
    • Staging = final moving of bits to staging, mirrors. Turning on betatest and releasetest update channels for quick test. Activate beta and release update channels when everything is ready to go.