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L10n:Home Page

See Firefox Trunk in CVS for more detailed instructions on getting your localisation committed.

Also see L10n:Updating Localizations in CVS for how to keep up to date with changes on the trunk.

Discuss with Chase/BSmedberg remaining issues for full l10n of trunk.

See those resources for some info on what's going on: Migrating FF L10n to trunk, Bug 279768 - make build system work with --enable-ui-locale

Directories to localise

If you're starting from scratch, these are the CVS directories you need to download and translate:


The localized files end up in the following directories, corresponding to the paths above (replace ab-CD with your locale code, possibly only two letters):


For anonymous checkout of the mozilla repository, use, for anonymous checkout of the l10n repository use as CVSROOT.

Posted to n.p.m.l10n, 2005-04-20 01:33 UTC

We're days from Firefox 1.1a release, and we're ready to give you localized trunk builds.

As I'm writing it, first builds on l10n tinderbox that should be grean are bakeing. At the moment we have 9 builds that possibly will build. It's not too much. We have overall 13 builds in CVS. That's not too much.

So please, if you want to have 1.1 alpha in your language, start your work now.

To check changes in some timeframe you can use our bonsai tool. Just put this


(probably will break) in Directory input, and type the timeframe to check what changed in that timeframe.

line corrected as noted by BSmedberg.

The very last change is in reporter tool - update your locales ASAP please.

We will not have time to help those who will wake up in a last day.

Zbigniew Braniecki

Building a localised Firefox

Assuming you know how to build Mozilla. If you do not, go check out the build instructions overhere.

To build a localised Firefox, you must have your l10n CVS checkout folder next to your mozilla CVS checkout folder (as ‘siblings’). E.g. Projects/Mozilla/mozilla/ and Projects/Mozilla/l10n/nl/.

If you don’t have it already, checking out the l10n folder is done with:

cvs -d co l10n/nl

Where you should substitute ‘nl’ with the language code which you want to work on.

Then, you should add the following line to your mozconfig file.

ac_add_options --enable-ui-locale=nl

Again, substitute ‘nl’ for the language you want to build. Now if you build Firefox, it will automatically have the ‘nl’ locale.