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Firefox: Plan

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General Firefox Test Plan

This is the basic set of tests we run for every security & maintenance release.

Description of Release is a normal security release for Firefox.

Specific Test Plan for this Release

Nothing specific for this release.


Current Tasks

  • Ongoing: Bug Reproduction


This is an estimated schedule as a normal security release.

  • Code freeze: June 6
  • Builds start: June 9
  • QA starts: June 12
    • Smoketests: June 12 - 3 people
    • BFTs and Bug Verification: June 13 - 3 people
    • l10n Testing: June 16 - 3 people
    • Betatest & Beta Channel Testing: June 18 - 3 people
  • Release to beta channel: June 18
    • Update Build IDs on QA/Talkback/Build IDs: June 18
    • Releasetest & Release Channel Testing: June 25 - 3 people
  • Final Release: June 25

Test Assignments:

  • Smoketests, BFT
    • abillings
    • juanb
    • hali
  • l10n Testing
    • abillings
    • juanb
    • hali
  • Betatest/Beta updates
    • abillings
    • juanb
    • hali
  • Releasetest/Release updates
    • abillings
    • juanb
    • hali


Test Results

Firefox Build 2
Smoketests Team PASS

Firefox Build 3
Smoketests Team PASS

Bug Verifications

When you verify the bug is fixed:


  • If you don't see an easy way to verify or need further clarification add a comment to the bug or add "[needs testcase]" (without quotes) to the bug's Status Whiteboard.

Target Bugs to Verify

Dependent Bugs to Verify

Bug List Here