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Major Test Areas

Purpose: Hammer on the build and expose all possible trouble spots. We should be looking at things that run right on Tiger but break on Leopard. Keep a version of Tiger running side by side for comparison. Feel free to run the existing test cases in Litmus, or probe by exploratory testing if that works better for you. Please follow the steps in the Leopard Test Plan to report any bugs that you find. Thanks.

Leopard Test Plan

  • Installing and Uninstalling Firefox on Leopard juanb
    • Migration and Importing Data from Safari (must at least have near parity with Tiger, not everything works currently)
      • Similar stories between Tiger and Leopard. Bookmarks, Home Page, Saved Form History, Saved User/Passwds are NOT migrated from Safari. Cookies and Browsing history are migrated.
      • Filed new bug for bookmarks problem bug 400193
  • Downloading Files, Saving Images - stephend
    • Respecting the download location
    • Downloading all types of files
    • DM behaves correctly
  • Fonts (text zoom) - tchung - DONE
    • Font Rendering
    • Worked through Font size+/- controls
    • surfed around sites that support different fonts.
  • Keyboard commands
    • Turning on fulling keyboard access
    • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Layout - abillings - DONE
    • Top sites such as yahoo, msn, etc
    • Gmail, Yahoo mail, hotmail, youtube, etc
  • Firefox as the Default Application - marcia
    • Try every different scenario, including making other browsers such as Opera the default
    • Set Firefox as default, back to Safari as default - PASS, but if Minefield is installed it shows Minefield in the Safari Preferences instead of Firefox.
    • Launch links from Thunderbird to make sure it honors the default - PASS
  • Plugins, Addons - tchung - DONE
    • Special emphasis on flash and quicktime
    • other tests ran:
      • installed/uninstalled extensions
      • installed/uninstalled themes
      • installed plugins
      • checked embedded RealPlayer, Windows Media, Flash, Quicktime
 bug 400070 - [10.5] embedded wmv media using flip4mac plugin shrinks video to 1/4 size
 Bug 400227 – [10.5] installing Flashgot plugin will trigger security warnings upon restarting EM
  • Printing - stephend
    • Basic Printing
  • Native Form Controls - marcia
    • Scrollbars
    • Buttons
    • Images
    • Drawing
    • Dragging and dropping to the desktop (links)

Bugs filed in this area:

  • RSS Client Side Feed Readers juanb
  • Security juanb
    • Password Management
      • Ran FFT PM test suite in Litmus, no problems.
    • Installing certs
      • Ran FFT Security and Certs test suite in Litmus, no problems.
    • Visting secure sites
      • Ran FFT Security and Certs test suite in Litmus, no problems.
    • Cookies
      • Ran FFT Cookies test suite in Litmus, investigating possible, minor problem.
  • Spaces - ss - DONE
    • No issues found

BFT Assignment Areas

  • The BFT will be divided up in four sections, with at least 3-4 people helping:
    • Installation - tabbed browsing: (completed) juanb
      • Import bookmarks from Safari broken bug 400193
      • Litmus results under MacPPC
    • Search - microsummaries: (completed) ss/stephend
    • Downloading - cookies: marcia
      • Main issue is inconsistent behavior in saving passwords. This probably needs more investigation. At times, I would not see the saved passwords until restart, other times they would not show at all. I have a stock set of sites including NYTimes,,, etc. I did not file a but on this since other team members could not repro the issue consistently.
    • Security and Certs - software update: juanb/marcia
      • The plugins story is similar to Tiger's.
  • Other Notes:
    • It looks like default buttons are not selected. For example, when you trigger the password manager in Tiger, the "Not Now" button is preselected (blued), but in Leopard the button doesn't glow blue.
    • Firefox doesn't bring itself to the foreground upon automatic restart (after, say, installing a new add-on).
    • Significant bleed-through of webpages when using Litmus in a tab; other pages bleed through, which is odd.