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About Firefox

How people use the internet has evolved since Firefox was born, and we need to keep up. People deserve an independent agent that gives them control over their identity online and keeps them safe, and we can’t do that with just a browser alone anymore. Over the next three years, we will expand the reach of Firefox.

Firefox will be a browser, but it will also be a set of services and mobile apps. We will continue to improve our core experience, but we will introduce new ideas that would not happen without us. People will choose Firefox because it imbues them with super powers that they can’t get anywhere else. It will always work better than they expect. It will make being online better. We are at our best when the world follows our lead.

We are bad at following others. We will create the future and accelerate it. We are going to matter.

Teams & Products

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Active Releases and Roadmaps

Firefox Desktop and Android

In Firefox Desktop, the first half of the year will bring multi-process to the general release for the very first time. Test Pilot will be relaunched as a way for release channel users to opt into experimental features for rapid iteration and feedback. One of these features will be the Activity Stream (placeholder name) which is a searchable, more powerful view of user history.

In Firefox for Android, the first half of the year will focus on providing users with a quality browsing experience that incorporates interactions more in line with their expectations, while bringing relevant Web content to the user in a proactive and digestible way. This includes a revamp of our Top Sites, Bookmarks and other home panels, notifying users when a blog has been updated with new content, or reminding users of recently-saved bookmarks.

Release Version Target Ship Date Roadmap Release Highlights and Themes
46 April 26, 2016 Desktop 46
Android 46
Desktop Release Notes
Android Release Notes
47 June 7, 2016 Desktop 47
Android 47
Desktop Release Notes
Android Release Notes
48 Aug 2, 2016 Desktop 48
Android 48
Desktop Release Notes
Android Release Notes
49 Sept 20, 2016 Desktop 49
Android 49
Desktop Release Notes
Android Release Notes
50 Nov 8, 2016 Firefox 50 will see the release of our first Windows e10s sandbox and increase the e10s eligible population by supporting more add-ons. It will also feature new UI for insecure password submission.

Firefox for iOS

In Firefox for iOS, the first half of the year is about incorporating direct user feedback since its launch in November. This includes beefing up bookmarks management, refining how users navigate around the app, as well as integrating more iOS functionality.

Release Version Target Ship Date Roadmap Release Highlights and Themes
v3.0 Mar 30th, 2016 iOS 3.0

This release augments the Firefox for iOS app with several usability and security improvements. New users benefit from an updated list of popular web sites available on the home screen, which are easily removable. We provided autocompletion for most-popular web addresses so the user can quickly find the websites they are looking for with less typing. The browser now handles all links to Apple Maps and many third-party applications like Twitter. To keep users' passwords safer, the option to access logins through Passcode/TouchID has been introduced. For more information, please check What's New in Firefox for iOS 3.0.

v4.0 May 11th, 2016 iOS 4.0

This release introduces more usability improvements and iOS integration features. Users can now quickly get to their bookmarks through the awesome bar search results. We are handling certificate errors by allow the user to view the certificate or temporarily ignore the error. When you add Firefox to your Today widget, you can open new tabs quickly, or open links that you have copied to your clipboard. We are also improving our sync process, by performing a background sync on exiting the app. For more information, please check What's New in Firefox for iOS 4.0.

v5.0  ? iOS 5.0

Focus for iOS

Release Version Target Ship Date Roadmap Release Highlights and Themes
v1.1 TBD Focus 1.1 The next release of Focus for iOS will allow users to disable content blocking, or "whitelist" a specific site. Users may wish to disable Focus on a site because parts of the site don't work with Focus disabled. Focus 1.1 will also allow users to report breakage for a site to Mozilla. Mozilla will investigate all breakage reports for technical and policy merits.


Meetings & Notes

  • Firefox Cross Functional Delivery [Meeting]
  • Tues/Thurs Channel [Meeting]
  • Mobile Engineering Meeting [Notes]
  • Mobile Product Meeting [Notes]
  • Desktop Development [Meeting]

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Before 2020 year there were #planning and #onboarding on Mozilla IRC Server.

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