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Current Progress Report


Activity Stream for Firefox is a collection of all the things you do in the browser that you care about displayed in a rich and meaningful way. We plan to show rich content with images from recent pages, screen shots, downloads, closing sessions, notifications, and improve your results in the awesome bar. Eventually we hope to be the central feed of the things you care about.


Key Documents

Trello Boards

These Trello boards paint a very accurate picture of the various Activity Stream features and project progress:

Other Resources


Activity Stream has been available as a Test Pilot experiment, though the team is now in the process of landing Activity Stream in Firefox Nightly.

Firefox Nightly Release

In order to use this fast, but bare bones version of Activity Stream, start (or install) the latest Firefox Nightly (Firefox 55) and navigate to
Go ahead and search for the configuration preference:

and change it's value to True

Developer Release

The developer release is updated each time code is committed to master in GitHub. This version is used to experiment and validate the core functionality of the product before integrating it into Firefox. Use this release to look into the future of the product, and to try out new Activity Stream experimental and 'in-development' features.

Note: The data being collected by the add-on is documented in the repo.

Reporting Issues

If you find a bug or have a suggestion, please submit it on GitHub:



  • Help users reconnect with their favorite things from around the web
  • Finish tasks across devices
  • Give users more control of their activities in Firefox
  • Define Firefox as the helpful user agent that’s looking out for you

Product Plan

  • Test Pilot Graduation, MVP complete Q2 2017
  • Pref'd on in Firefox Nightly Q2 2017
  • Activity Stream completely ported to Firefox as a system add-on Q3 2017, ships pref'd off in Firefox 56
  • Activity Stream to ship as default about:newtab and about:home in Firefox 57 Q4 2017


  • Effective cross discipline teams solving problems across platforms
  • Validation of key assumptions through metrics and user interviews
  • Activity Stream in the hands of all our users
  • Users have easy access to their favorite things in Firefox and therefore spend more time using it

Product Milestones

Status Phase Description Owner
1 DONE Vision Define high level goals how Activity Stream fits into the Context Graph initiative Chapman
2 DONE Design and Planning How do we ship Activity Stream on mobile and what infrastructure do we need to meet our objectives Team
3a WIP Mobile MVP Android and iOS browsers have basic functionality of Activity Stream enabled. Stefan
3b DONE Desktop Engagement Desktop has demonstrated user value in increasing median activity stream interactions by weekly cohort. Tim
4 WIP Enabling for all users Activity Stream Desktop is landing in Firefox 57 Stefan/Tim
5 Product focused features Full stack teams to deliver coherent features across all clients driving engagement in Firefox Team

Data & Metrics - requires login

Team - RACI

Product owner: Nick C., Barbara B. (Mobile)

Eng Leads: Tim S., Stefan A.

Program Management: Edwin W., Jenn C.

UX Leads: Aaron B., Amy L., Bryan B.

UR Lead: Gemma P.

Product Marketing: Mike H.

QA: Peter D., Aaron T., Kevin B.

Exec Sponsor: Mark Mayo/Nick Ngyuen


IRC: #activity-stream

Slack: - please email to be added to group


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