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Channel overview


  • Nightly is the latest code from mozilla-central, packaged up every night for bleeding-edge testers to install and test.

Developer Edition

  • Developer Edition (previously known as Aurora) is the channel based on the nightly builds from mozilla-central; as such its status is roughly "experimental".


  • Beta is a channel between the Aurora builds from mozilla-aurora and the final version from mozilla-release.

Channel Meeting

The channel meeting is a twice weekly time to check in on the status of the active releases with the release team.

Meeting Details

  • Tuesdays 10am Pacific time (18h UTC) and Thursdays at 8am Pacific time (16h UTC)
  • MTV2 - 231 Alien Nation
  • #planning for backchannel

Video/Teleconference Details

Creating Meeting Notes

  1. (First time) Copy a new weekly agenda from the template (also in into THIS ETHERPAD
  2. Hold the meeting, get everyone's notes dynamically throughout
  3. Come back to this page and generate a wiki page for the meeting from the 'create a meeting' below
  4. Paste the etherpad notes into that page, and save
  5. Copy a new, clean template into the etherpad for the next meeting, leaving the actions from today to be Previous Actions on the next meeting

<createbox> align=left buttonlabel=New Tuesday Meeting default=2020-01-21 prefix=Firefox/Channels/Meetings/ preload=Firefox/Channels/Meetings/Template </createbox> <createbox> align=left buttonlabel=New Thursday Meeting default=2020-01-23 prefix=Firefox/Channels/Meetings/ preload=Firefox/Channels/Meetings/Template </createbox>

Meeting Notes


Creating Post Mortem Notes

Post Mortem notes