Firefox OS/DeviceQA/2014-11-26MeetingMinutes

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  • Change to trello - remove 2 list, for bug verification, no need to put them here (maybe just for meta bug )
  • What is tracking-b2g - apply to master, for bugs of top priority but not committed to a certain branch
  • Weekly performance checking - data from datazilla, file a bug if there is any drop. REF: geo's report, gaia performance tests
  • V2.2 features not settle down yet, will bring this up in qa-roundable
  1. DRAFT google spreadsheet
  2. Bugzilla feature-b2g 2.2+
  3. AHA link?


  • Need help with smoketest (thursday nov 27(PST), 28(TPE))
  • Moztrap guideline here, need modification, we will have a session in Portland WW
  • Feature testing here, need your help to add contents