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  • Quality assurance for each branch include Firefox OS master and previous branch versions.
  • Increase test coverage, automation rate, and Firefox OS stability. E.g., MTBF, gaia-ui-test
  • Create tests and tools to verify the functionality and characteristics of Firefox OS on real devices. E.g., MCTS.
  • Adopt test case review and schedule before FL.
  • Work with stakeholders closely.





OS Team

  • Current Bugs & Status

Automation Team

Members: Askeing Yen, Paul Yang, Shako Ho, Shing Lyu, Walter Chen.

Weekly Meeting

  1. Taipei QA Weekly Meeting
    • Time: 3:00PM (Taipei time), every Tuesday
    • Meeting Room: Eden
  2. OS Team
    • Time: 4:00PM (Taipei time), every Wednesday
    • Meeting Room: Utopia
  3. Automation Team
    • Time: 4:30PM (Taipei time), bi-weekly Wednesday
    • Meeting Room: Eden
  4. TW-EU Weekly Meeting
    • Time: 04:30PM (Taipei time), bi-weekly Wednesday
    • Meeting Room: Vidyo
  5. US-TW Weekly Meeting
    • Time: 08:00AM (Taipei time), bi-weekly Thursday
    • Meeting Room: Vidyo

Weekly Reports

Meeting Minutes



PTO Information

Device QA outsource

  • Overview (Waiting for information)
  • Management (Waiting for information)


Current members

  • Al Tsai
  • Walter Chen
  • Askeing Yen
  • Paul Yang
  • Alison Shiue
  • Mike Lien
  • Gerry Chang
  • Cynthia Tang
  • Shako Ho
  • Iris Hsiao

NOTE: Info parsed from phonebook

Former members

  • Bruce Weng
  • Brian Huang
  • Edward Chen
  • Enpei Chu
  • Eric Chang
  • Lawrence Lin
  • Hubert Lu
  • Hermes Cheng
  • Shing Lyu
  • Teri Wen
  • William Hsu