Firefox OS/DeviceQA/2014-12-24MeetingMinutes

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  • 2.2 feature? Make sure you cover that all
  • Please join functional meeting
  • We can come up with test case review process for next year, brainstorming
  • We will set Q1 team goal soon

Status update

  • Teri
    • C/P test case creation
    • RTL not 100% they will be included in v2.2
  • Alison
    • Working on SE api with DT
  • Gerry
    • C/P test case creation
    • Evaluation of bugs
    • Privacy feature checking
  • Hermes
    • Working on L porting
    • Working on test cases for the other 2 functions
  • edward
    • Working on power consumption test cases
    • Contacts text selection, C/P
    • automation
  • eric
    • V2.2 planning
    • Fixing old SMS invalid cases
    • Selection of cases for automation
  • Shing
    • Metrics no spec update, everyone is on holiday
    • Working moztrap enhancement