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Note of handling device project

  • Weekly report should be delivered to stakeholders.
  • "fxosqa-report-watchlist" is a public mailing list, please consider if report should be delivered to them.

Manual Test

  • Sanity Test
  • Smoke Test (Manual/Auto)
  • Acceptance Test
  • CRT (Certification Requirement Test) [TBD]
  • Functional Full Test
  • Regression Test
  • Exploratory Test
  • Performance Test (Manual/Auto)
  • RAT (Release Acceptance Test)


When a project kick-off, Device QA team will start to arrange following environment for testing. Partners should aware it's not required. However, we still recommend partners setup the same environment for quick responding issues found at both sides. We also suggest to discuss about which testing you'd like to have and their pass criteria with TAM before a project kick-off.


  • Gaia-UI-Test
    • gaia-ui-tests cover functionality testing by checking and interacting with HTML elements rendered on screen. Device QA team suggests to execute on real devices.
    • Suggested Pass Criteria: All green for five days
    • MDN: Gaia-ui-test


  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)
    • MTBF is often used for measuring stability. Failures mentioned here include crashes and hang.
    • Suggested Pass Criteria: MTBF > 100 hours
    • MDN: MTBF
    • Wiki: MTBF
  • Monkey Test
  • Endurance Test (not maintained in Taipei)
    • Endurance won't be part of our regular tests since it takes more time. You can have a look of endurance testing result of our reference phone (Flame) from datazilla.
    • MDN: Endurance



  • MCTS (Mozilla Certificate Test Suite)

UX Reference

Firefox OS UX

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