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Who said WRITING is lame and useless?

Your Mission

  • Come up with interesting topics and subjects around Firefox OS and Africa.
  • Write articles about these topics.
  • Complete them with pictures, videos, sounds, presentations, anything really.
  • Spread them over the internet on the Firefox OS Africa Social media channels and on the Blog.

Your Value

  • You will be the face and the voice of the Firefox OS brand, in Africa and worldwide.
  • You will talk about the topics that are important to you and that you wish to share with the others.
  • You will be visible, liked, retweeted and appreciated.
  • You will notice important influencers and report them to the core community so they can reach them for initiatives.
  • You can lead to Change within your community and within other communities.

What to write about

open source
Webmaker No boundaries New Businesses Hackathon Close to Loved ones
Mozillian Technology Apps Entrepreneurs Africa Rising Everyday life Friends Family
Mobility FIREFOX OS Lifestyle Lifestyle Your right to claim AFRICA Connecting people
Ease of use Firefox OS phones Connectivity Women Gadget In-the-know
KLIF features Devices Empower people Music Hub for digital
Data Time management Privacy Economy

Who writes about what?

Member Assigned Topics
Rednaks tech articles

Articles and dates

Please if you want to propose some cool articles check [this document], or join the writing team Mailing List to participate in discussions