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It's time to celebrate

Let's welcome Firefox 4 for desktop and mobile to the world with launch parties! Join the thousands of Mozillians who are already showing their team spirit!

How to host a party

The recent Firefox 4 for desktop and mobile launches are truly a team effort so let's celebrate all the great teamwork and have fun. Host a "Team Firefox" launch party of your own or find one to attend near you.

Need to find a location? Here are some ideas:

  • Rec rooms at schools, universities or community centers
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars or LANhouses
  • Your company or your home
  • Local parks and picnic areas

Promote your party by:

  • Telling and inviting friends
  • Writing about it on Twitter (use #fx4party)
  • Posting updates, creating events or sending invites via Facebook and social networks
  • Flyers!

How to request swag

Sign up as part of our team and we'll send you some swag, which you can request here. Please fill out all of the details in the form. Otherwise we can't guarantee swag delivery. NOTE: You must register your party on Meetup to receive swag. You won't want to miss out on swag packs, which will include:

  • Firefox Buttons
  • Firefox Stickers
  • Firefox Lanyards
  • Firefox Tattoos
  • Firefox Satchel
  • Firefox Posters
  • Firefox Sticker Sheets
  • Sweatbands

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to deliver swag for parties hosted before April 15th but we will do our best! And in addition to swag packs there are great "printable" party favors and swag below.

When to party with your team

Although we've assigned the party date of April 15th (the best date to start parties), feel free to celebrate anytime through May 15th! We encourage parties to start on or after April 15th so that we have time to ship swag to party planners.

Fun ideas for your party

Looking for a fun twist to your parties? Here are just a few ideas to get you started. We'd love to hear from you about what you'll be doing!

  • Take picture with the "Team Firefox" placards (attached). Each "team" or party can take a picture and upload to a Flickr pool (see's photo efforts for inspiration. You can upload your photos here.
  • Have fun with your photos - group photos and spoofs of team photos (e.g. football, basketball, rugby), a cheerleading pyramid or a regional twist.
  • Use your parties as an opportunity to grow your contributor teams locally by conducting signups.
  • Create your very own Kumi dolls. See below.
  • Let's get the word out! Tag any tweets, photos, and videos with #fx4party
  • Just have fun and celebrate friends with music and cake.
  • Host an installfest or educational session to show people the new Firefox.

Other fun and resources!

Team Firefox Placards (Scalable PDFs)



Team Firefox Placards .jpg

Team Firefox Placards High-Res PDFs

Green size A2

‎Orange size A2

Green size 18x24

Orange size 18x24

Kumi Dolls

Thanks to the amazing Mozilla Indonesia community, enjoy Firefox paper dolls based on Spark and Ember the red pandas at the Knoxville Zoo. Print them and check out this album on Flickr for instructions.

Print them and follow the directions to create 3D Firefox dolls.

Kumi Doll Ember

Kumi Doll Spark

Team Firefox Badge

The badge can be used for invites, posters, etc.

Team Firefox Badge

Firefox logos

Firefox logos can be found here.