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Firefox-NUCES KHI Club
University/College: FAST-NU
City: Karachi
Country: Pakistan
Contact Info
Club Lead: Areeb Moin
Club Founder: Areeb Moin
Website: Firefox-NUCES KHI Club's Website
Facebook: Our Facebook Page
Twitter: firefoxnuceskhi
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Faculty Mentor: Areeb Moin  

About Us

Within the field of Computer Science, FAST-NUCES has always been able to accomplish their goals, exploring the field in more depth and detail and thereby digging out best outcome possible, making the students learn the best they can about the field and thinking out of the box. Thereby we once again have come with an opportunity for our students to come and explore the world of computer science. The main purpose which we hold is to promote Firefox at FAST by doing intellectual and interesting seminars which will enrich students’ knowledge making them ponder over Firefox technologies. Moreover, we even intend to go for different events at FAST to be held so as to make the students get actively participated within it as practical work will make them get more inclined towards this club. In a nutshell, we believe to make our students work together and intend to give a healthy environment where our FASTIANS can discuss about Firefox technologies and can explore their field.

Our Team

Club Executive Board:

Club Co-Lead: Mirza Zaeem Baig
Club Facilitator: Rabeet Sagri

Co Positions:

We would be hunting for Co Positions in the few weeks:

Marketing Lead?
Publicity Lead?
Membership Lead?
Developer Relations Lead?
Web Education Lead?


We will post the Annual Schedule here.

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