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Foxfooding is the code name for the Firefox Dogfooding program.'

Project overview & Objective

The Ladybug program is a revamped initiative to empower Mozillians to actively use their fxos phone along with ease of bug/issue capture and submission. Promoting a cycle of whereby Mozillians live and use our own products, report bugs, troubleshoot and fix them; will result in a better product!

Program Scope:

  1. Easy "one button" on device bug triggering user interface
  2. Prompt notification that your bug have been submitted.
  3. Notification of bug triage activity

Project Information

Header text Header text
Project Name: Foxfood
IRC: #Ignite
Mailling list: Example
Project Meeting Notes FoxFooding Meeting notes
Bugzilla Meta v1 Implementation of Bugzilla Lite

Meta v2 Implementation of Bugzilla Lite

Demo: V1 Bugzilla Lite App


Product/UX: Amy Lee, Jacqueline Savory, Eric Pang
Gaia Dev: Dale Harvey
QA: Naoki Hirata
IT/Operations Sylvie Veillux, James Barnell
Pgm Manager: Jean Gong