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General Info

Test case creation

  • Do a search, check for duplicate case before you create any case/suite!!

Test case priority


  • Define test case’s priority
    • P1 - Feature smoketests
    • P2 - Feature basic functional tests
    • P3 - Boundary, edge, stress test cases
    • P4 - Anything else that doesn't fall in the above buckets

Organize cases

  • Mindmap
    • Use a mind map to show the structure of your test cases, mindmup integrates with Google drive, permission also controlled by Google drive.
    • Sample: v2.1 contacts new features
  • Tags
    • Test case with tags like v1.1, v2.1 means the cases were created since Firefox v1.1 or v2.1 respectively.
    • Use proper tags to describe your case, easy for searching and categorization.
    • Sample: #15054
  • Moztrap Suite

Put functional prefix before suites.

Functional Prefix Example
Communications [Comms] [Comms]Dialer
Device [Device] [Device] Media Transfer Protocol
Bluetooth [BT] [BT]Bluetooth
Media [Media] [Media]Gallery
Multimedia Platform [Media PF] [Media PF]WebRTC P2P
Networking/Connectivity [RIL] [RIL]SimToolKit
Productivity [Prod] Example
System Front-End [Sys FE] Example
System Platform [Sys PF] [Sys PF]Airplane Mode
Services [Service] Example
Performance & Metrics [Perf] Example

When to do what

  • Case creation and maintenance
    • Test cases for current master
      • Usually created before FL, keep maintaining by current function owners.
    • Test cases for other branches
      • Maybe they are created by partners, added because of regression found or a feature just need more test coverage.
      • Keep maintaining by partners or by current function owners.
    • Test cases for bugs or added because of regression found
      • Keep maintaining by current function owners.
  • Invalid/Redundant cases - how to?
    • How to spot them?
      • Scout around?
      • Go through all cases and add tags to group similar cases? Continue to work on small set.
      • Using keyword/tag searching/sorting to find issue?
      • Reported by people who runs cases everyday (big thanks!)
    • Maintenance
      • Just updating them by yourself or
      • Pass them to functional area owners to review and to update.
  • Cases not in a suite - how to?
    • The DroppedOnTheFloor suite is created to gather all cases that were previously not in any other suite, so that means the cases were never executed before. We need to continue to work on this.
      • For cases that currently in a suite (other than DroppedOnTheFloor) - we can remove the case from DroppedOnTheFloor.
      • For cases that currently in DroppedOnTheFloor only - Pass cases to functional owner to update/delete them.


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