Firefox OS/Performance/2015-04-29

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  • Performance Indicator discussion
    • Graphic (should be able to leverage original gecko profiler label)
      • Restyle times, reflow, painting, IPC
      • composition time in average
    • RIL: (Szu-Yu)
      • worth to profiling DB access for Contacts and Messages. Profiling could be based on Gaia reference-workload.
  • App performance matrix
    • Workload:
      • 1st time and average
      • light and heavy
    • Device:
      • Flame KK and L
      • Nexus 5
      • ZTE or QRD 8909
    • The issue of integrating Raptor and Marionette

Action Item

  • Jonathan: open bug about performance marks in Gecko code
  • Greg: sharing AOP tool on 5/6 (Brown bag)
  • Bobby: collect performance issue from bugzilla