Firefox OS/Performance/2015-08-05

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  • Gaia/Raptor/Treeherder Sync up
    • App Startup tests on Aries?
      • Flame and Aries will be posted on Raptor dashboard in Q3
      • AI: Create Aries entry on Raptor dashboard (Mike and Eli)
      • AI: Communicate with Ravi about Flame and Aries (Bobby)
    • Credential for Raptor/InfluxDB?
      • AI: Eli will create credential to Mike and Paul
    • Current status of power testing?
      • Eli share high level flow of current power testing (Flame based)
      • Jon used Jenkins, Flame and its power plugin in house, running test per Jenkins job.
    • MTBF
      • Daily MTBF number for Flame is ready today. Paul will extend tests on Aries.
      • Paul created prototype, need to create entry on Raptor as well
      • Paul need to communicate InfluxDB series name with Eli
  • Aries task needs more than one hour to finish test and it may has many builds generated within this hour. How Bitbar finish test round and also enable to take every b2g-inbound build?
    • Follow up with Dave hunt
  • FxOS 2.5