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Datazilla is the primary interface for reporting the measured values from our automated performance tests. It works fairly well, but there is a long list of improvements that we would like to make.

Project Plan

Datazilla is a Django app (Python). The improvements to Datazilla are a pre-requisite for moving to a proactive mode of dealing with performance issues. To be successful with this project the following has to be accomplished:

  1. Get a local instance of datazilla running on your workstation.
  2. Fix one or more of the bugs listed under Bug 913726
  3. Get your fixes landed and deployed.

There are lots of stakeholders that will need to be consulted before any changes to Datazilla can be made. One aspect of this project will be an increased level of communication and consensus building. You will probably have to write fairly detailed design documents to get buy in before doing the work.


bug 913726